Feb. 21, 2022 — Cali, Colombia

We are in Cali.  Its much cooler than we were expecting.  It is pleasantly in the low 80s with no humidity.  

Don preached two services in Javier’s church on Sunday and then did a marriage seminar in the evening that was very well attended.  There were lots of questions at the end. 

After everyone left we noticed a couple talking with a woman in the back of the church.  Javier asked if we minded staying later and excused himself to join that group.  The story is that one of the ladies was riding a bus to get to the meeting when she met the other woman.  They began talking and the second woman was telling the first that her son was killed in a robbery 15 days ago!  The second lady invited her to the church meeting and she came.  Javier commented that crime, particularly robbery has become so violent that they stab or shoot you first before robbing you!  During Covid it was worse.

But there is good news to report as well.  We recognized one of the long time employees of the hotel where we stay and asked how he managed during Covid.  He reported that the hotel continued to pay him through the 8 months it was closed. He also made soap and leather goods out of his home.  

For all who are praying for us, thank you.  We are doing well- sleeping well and healthy.  Something is bothering Dons allergies but he brought his meds for that.

As I write this, he is off at church doing Covenant instruction with the Elders and some others from Javier’s church.  They will be joined live by others from the outlying area, some as far away as 3 hours.  Tomorrow he’s to have some meeting with local pastors and again tomorrow night with Presbyterian pastors and elders.

Wednesday we will leave for Bucaramanga.  

Love you all.  


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