Feb. 23, 2022 — Colombia


Despite it being the most dangerous city in Colombia, Cali is beautiful.  They have incorporated a lot of green along the highways and around the buildings.  On our way to the airport we passed miles of sugar cane fields.  We also passed through lots of different neighborhoods.   The boulevard passes through more densely populated neighborhoods.  So off the boulevard there are side streets.  In between those side streets are sidewalks separating buildings on either side like alleys.  They are nice to walk along so people don’t have to worry about traffic or crossing streets.  We were disappointed to see tons of trash strewn throughout the neighborhood and especially along the median and in the stream that ran along the parkway.  Lots of graffiti too. That’s just part of the culture. Not usually seen in the nicer neighborhoods though.  And in some places it is chic.  

So we are off to Bucaramanga.  With connections and distance it is going to take the whole day.  Oh well, gives me time to read and write to you.  Take care everyone as we will too.


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