Feb. 5, 2022

We have arrived safely to Medellin.  We were picked up by two of the administrators at the seminary who were excited to share with us that the seminary is getting a for real theological library in Spanish!  Not sure of the details but they are working on the shelving and set up now.  They are also getting two computers with Logos installed which is a Bible study program for “professionals.” We are thrilled for them as we know how much they need it and will use it.

Nothing more.  We are both really tired.  The 3:00 wake up usually doesn’t bother us but neither of us slept well prior to the call, so we’re tired.

I’m anxious for tomorrow.  Don is going to preach a sermon that I have not heard before.  We met a couple (real world travelers) on the plane who go to a Vineyard church on Key West (who would guess).  So we invited them to church.  I’ll let you know if they come.  

Love you all-


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