ac odyssey kill or spare

GamesRadar+ is supported by its audience. I like to think that they will give us cultist closure with Aspasia later, maybe in DLC or comic/novel. In the novel, Kassandra had to kill Deimos, but she wasn't rejected by Myrinne after that. We’ll stop interfering and start enabling,” says Aletheia. I fucked up and the game corrected my fuck via a bug...thank you game. I have previously chosen to kill Nikolaos and after my second fight with Stentor I now have the option of either killing him or to spare his life. Interestingly though, she says that the future depends on a “multitude of choices you will have to make for yourself”. As they stand around the glowing pyramid, she says “people like you, your bloodline, have always caused a threat”. Have you 'explored' all the Assassin's Creed Odyssey romance options? The whole point was that she didn't want to return to....Argos? 3 The Last Cultist: Kill Or Spare Aspasia Players will spend a lot … Navigate back to the Walkthrough The last decision you will need to make, is whether the games should be continued or stopped.

Again I think the book handled this one better because in game I feel that all the options aside from killing her are way too lenient. However, Chrysis doesn't really escape in the book, since Dolops put an axe in her face right outside the temple. Your ex-mercenary assures Layla that if either side wins, the world will end. As confirmed in Assassin’s Creed Origins ending, the universe is going to end, unless Layla can fix it. Hyrkanos is one of the few mercenaries named in the novel, and Kassandra killed him in order to provide grain relief for the Spartan forces. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Chaíre misthios! However, keep in mind that the game will still not entirely match up with the novel, because the novel is much more historically accurate while the game plays it a bit loose with the historical chronology. If they don’t that would be really sucks. God that was so fucking out of place.

“Despair is not our only legacy,” she says. It all used to be so simple. Note: I'm not sure, but it seems to me that this choice is the only one that decides whether you will be able to satisfy the crowd or not. We have a Wiki article with a long list of community-created tips that might help you, check it out. – They will … Having finished reading the novel and recently finished a playthrough of the game, I'll make a list of major decisions here for those who want to make the AC Odyssey playthrough as canonical as possible. Think you're done with Odyssey? She even knows “that you’ll be here more than once” and she apologises for your hardships. If You Let Them Live – They will ambush you down the road with two other allies. Given that Stentor is even more of a jealous asshole in the novel, this one annoyed me.

NY 10036. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. As much of a prick as he is, there are good qualities to him like loyalty and pride. I don't really get why they introduced the choice system in this game as it contradictory to what the animus could do in the first place. Please review our submission rules and spoiler policy before posting - spoilers must be correctly flaired. Rewards: Legendary XP, Arena Champion's Spear (Epic Spear).

It's not the only time the game ignores a choice you make. I let everyone live as well... it’s cool having them aboard. The TL:DR version of this race is that they existed before humans, created humans as worse versions of themselves, used them as slaves, built all the artefacts we have been tinkering with for years of Assassin’s Creed, and were then largely wiped out. This is because, despite what you choose to do with Aspasia, whether you kill her, kiss her or just let her go, you have already spawned the Templar Order with your actions in Odyssey. I get choices and consequences in small quests or even side aspects of huge things like Pythagoras, but in the end feeling without a true direction doesn't just seem right. I accidentally killed Lagos with a Ghost Arrow not knowing I could interact with the door.

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