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Wynton Marsalis’s Black Codes should probably be on this list. I second with knobs on the comment by Trevor Hyde a travesty not to include those he mentions. Maybe not Top 10 in many eyes, but at least Top 50. Anytyhing by Mulatu Astatqé I suppose subjectivity is inevitable when it comes to taste and naming the best 50 albums is impossible.

I come across jazz all the time that I had not heard before an wonder why they are not better celebrated. Well done – those and I wish they had simply pegged the Armstrong box set A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, for a fatter slice of the essential Louis of the 20s and 30s. YOU MISSED THE GREATEST, COUNT BASIE, DUKE,AND LOUIS ARMSTRONG. Year: 2020 Infernal Machines – Darcy James Argue. Julius hemphill – Dogon AD We can add a Django Reinhardt album or a Chick Corea LP, and we can subtract two for which we might be on the fence to keep the total at 50. Your email address will not be published. Strange City – Herbie Nichols Project. Too few vocalists for me : besides Ella, the best, and Sarah, who’s there I’d have Billie Holiday and Carmen Macrae – and I’d certainly have an Ahmad Jamal on piano, though I adore Erroll and love Bill Evans, there are other great pianists – such as Fats Waller, Hey there, In the matter of Clifford Brown & Max Roach, the public finds in favor of Max Roach & Clifford Brown germany – to be exact…, sorry billie… New Orleans Suite and the Far East Suite would both deserve a place.

LOL OK, so I have my work cut out for me, all the people that said you left off this artist or that artist, it’s more cool information for me to check out. And where’s Ella? Brazilians are Americans too since Brazil is also part of America. Some of Armstrong’s seminal sides with this band can be found on this glorious compilation, which also includes music from his later Hot Seven group (which recorded in 1927). I JUST LOOKED QUICKLY, WHERE IS GERRY MULLIGAN? Index, what about one of the greatest jazz pianist, a Canadian, Oscar Peterson. Brubeck rated their interpretation of “Take Five” as the best cover he had heard….”Jazz and All That” (2013) follows up their debut with more standards. I also would find a place for “The Guitar of John Gray – The New Wave” which is my all time favorite jazz album. servicekosten. How can you have a list of great jazz recordings, and not have “April In Paris – Count Basie” on it, “Chet Baker – Live in Tokyo” should be in Topten. and NO Johnny Hartman?? Let us know what you think of the website. For a broader and more realistic list it would need much from the 70s and those gems from the 80’s and 90s. (Than 1960’s)) it’s immposs to say!!! The Best Downtempo Albums of All Time. He…. Great list. I love all your 50 picks, but there are so many more “greatest”!

Tracks: 01 (no *.cue) Time: 95:36 The album was released to wide acclaim, thanks in no small part to an endorsement by John Peel, which helped land the album on U.K. charts. haha … you just made an entry to the “The top 50 funniest lists”! A good list … I would include some albums that made important contributions in the evolution of Jazz …. Year: 2020 The Sidewinder is even better by LEE MORGAN Fusion albums mixed with traditional Jazz albums. But the #1 jazz album that stands heads above the rest in my opinion is not even listed here…. Maybe I missed it but at least one of them should be on here? Time Out by Brubeck is way too high up the list. No Modern Jazz Quartet? “Oscar Peterson Trio at the Stratford Shakespearean Festival”

“25. So many jazz aficionados, so many different lists of “50 Great Jazz Albums”…. Timeless – John Abercrombie. I made a Spotify list with all the albums for those who hasn’t got them all on LP. KUDOS FOR PROMOTING JAZZ MUSIC – BUT HOW ABOUT YOU ACTUALLY LISTEN TO THE RECORDS RATHER THAN COMPILE OTHER DATA? A Simple Thank You – Virginia Mayhew.

Ella Live in Berlin.

Key song: ‘St Thomas’, Recorded in 1958, this is undoubtedly the greatest album made by alto saxophonist Julian “Cannonball” Adderley during his 20-year career.

Dinah Washington, Betty Carter, Amina Claudine Myers certainly stand with Sarah Vaughan. I love Miles Davis too but although he was a giant of jazz you cannot include all his great albums, what about the ‘second great quintet’ albums? How can that possibly be??? These lists are always subjective and reflect the personal taste of compiler. Still fresh and exciting today. -Spirituals To Swing – John Hammond’s great concerts with Basie, Goodman, Teddy Wilson, Helen Humes, Big Joe Turner, James P. Johnson, Sister Rosetta Tharpe. Fantastic: better than Coltrane I thought – had lots of him, too! The resulting album quickly gained notoriety and, to date, it remains the biggest-selling album of unaccompanied piano music. Dolphy – Out to Lunch.

I know many jazz fans look at their music Kudos for re-launching this Dec/2014 post and the debate on the heels of #JazzAppreciationMonth, #InternationalJazzDay and #BillieHoliday100. Ella and Satchmo, one of my greatest Jazz albums as well as Ella with Joe Pass, A daunting task .


7. Romantic Warrior – Return to Forever Much of the music was shaped in post-production, heavily edited by Miles’ producer, Teo Macero, but Bitches Brew became hugely influential, ushering in the age of jazz-rock. Love the selected Artists Like the (+) 50 others. But wise to leave Nigel Farage and His Tradmen off the list. Time: 121:54 Thx to Kevin Amphan for creating the Spotify playlist Lawn Chair Society – Kenn Werner. A futile effort to get anyone to agree with you entirely.

It’s all good.

When he was “at the top”; he could not be beat! that is my excuse for that mistake…. Nat King Cole only played swing? No Phineas Newborn here. Would like to add David Murray and The Arts Ensemble of Chicago to this list. What a ton of wasted effort on this inadequate list. Format: MP3 Probably a thankless task, unless the objective was to get some discussion going! So many……, I want to take a deeper look but I would have to add” Return to Forever” and “Heavy Weather”. A first major milestone in this development was the epochal Bitches Brew, a sprawling double-album released in 1970. I’d also consider one or two of his later albums in there, despite critics always focusing on the Blanton/Webster era. As great as many of these albums are, many of the artists on this list have exceeded these elsewhere. Nothing from Freddie Hubbard or Woody Shaw? For me, my first LP in 1956, Miles Great Quintet, Round Midnight, John G. Red G. Paul C. And Philly J.Jones. creo debe aparecer en la lista Chick Corea !!!!! 2, Ella & Louis Time to broaden your listening horizons folks. ALL of these artists had albums that whould fit into the list!!!

‘Coltrain Plays the Blues’ or ‘Blue Train’ Now that’s some heavy shit. Black Codes From the Underground – Wynton Marsalis. Support The Music, Jazz is so hard to pick the best it’s individual that’s why we like it blue note top 50 would be hard but kind of blue yes it’s the real jazz album that got a lot of us interested. The rest of the top 10 you could put in any order. Also, no Conference Of The Birds, Virtuoso and Jaco Pastorious. …. By the time that the North Carolina pianist/composer recorded Brilliant Corners for Riverside in 1956, however, he was beginning to get the recognition and accolades he deserved. I also love Art Blakey’s “Backgammon”. Where the Jazz Crusaders and other great musicians who were not based on the East Coast were just holding their instruments in the studios, making their posters or creating mannequins. All recorded form 1970 to 2020. not one chet album??????? 9, the album he was bemoaning wasn’t included. Totally agree about “The Trio” recording on Pablo. Title: RTL Hits 2020

Format: MP3 Gotta also say, as much as I appreciate Mingus, there’s no way he has two recordings that much better than the best of Monk. Mon avis c’ est que quelques un ne devraient pas figurer dans cette liste pour laisser la place aux manquants qui devraient y être. Title: HANDZUP & DANCE MEGAMIX 2020 (2020) No Sathima sings Ellington No matter how many times I COUNT, I it always equal to BASIE

Kind of Blue at #1 is correct, but the runner up spot should definetely go to Time Out. Tracks Singles Albums Pre-orders Dj TOP 10s. TRad?

Produced by Atoll Music, the two-disc set runs through a mishmashed panoply of world fusion from all corners of the globe, including a few highlights buried among all the poor transitions and over-evocative fusion. Key song: ‘So What’. I’d have it top 5, but I think it just doesn’t have the same effect on most listeners that it does on the few of us who are nuts about it. Als we je account op een ander apparaat herkennen, hoef je niet opnieuw de keuze te maken. And no Charlie Parker in the top 10? Ill Considered One – Ill Considered. What about Alice Coltrane?!?!? Is Armstrong really the only early recording that makes the list? A entire band of great band leaders! They draw inspiration from music…, Tosca is an electronic music project of Richard Dorfmeister and Rupert Huber formed 1994 in Vienna. A list of neglected jazz gems would be good. So where are all the great recordings? A thankless task , but a commendable effort , if one only likes Modern Jazz ( which I do , very much so ) .. Online, everywhere. At the centre of all the action is Basie’s laconic piano, its piquant fills a model of dissonant minimalism. List definitely needs some Billie Holiday and Lester Young. And one of my personal faves would have been in my top 20: Jazz Samba. Key song: ‘Blue Train’, At the end of the 60s, the ever-restless Miles Davis sought to change his musical direction again. No Colman Hawkins, you got to be kidding. Kenny Burrell – Midnight Blue #1, Kind of Blue? All great jazz musicians playing jazz in the UK. There’s not even one Nina Simone in the list. Joining Dolphy on the Out To Lunch! Myself, I couldn’t and wouldn’t attempt to list my 50 favorites because I have about 300 favorites. John Coltrane – Giant Steps An impossible task true, but even so would argue that this is not so much the greatest jazz albums as the most famous, best selling or best produced, which does not translate as ‘greatest’. 8. 14. Trios – Carla Bley. Maybe tighten up criteria for listing by decade/compilations/live Jazz recordings or the like. Bill Evans portrait in jazz? Change – Chick Corea. Ehh. Go to Youtube and find Gonzalo Rubalcaba and Chick Corea……that will lead you to Getz and Gilberto. Astaire, Fred - Puttin' on the ritz (Club Des Belugas Remix) 5. Thelonious Monk does not show up until number 26? Barney Kessel. And it shows: there are 3 Coltrane albums on a 50 record list…. Point Of Departure was Hill’s fifth Blue Note album and it featured a sextet that included Eric Dolphy, Joe Henderson, Kenny Dorham and a young Tony Williams on drums. Yet despite this, none of his earlier recordings make the list?!! What, no Art Tatum, Gerry Mulligan or Chet Baker? Lots of great picks on this list, but it needs work fellas! Where’s Chet Baker ? Dinah Washington – For Those In Love. MONK is Brilliant at every Corner etc. After debuting in 1956, Evans quickly made his mark in the jazz world and, two years later, was recruited by Miles Davis, helping to shape the sound of his groundbreaking 1959 album, Kind Of Blue. Miles Davis – Kind of Blue4 9Miles Davis Bitches Brew I only have 36 of the 50. Blue Sun – Mark Isham. 3. Key song: ‘Infant Eyes’, Though originally from Pennsylvania, tenor sax titan Stan Getz became associated with the cool, West Coast jazz sound in the 50s.

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