campsie crime rate

There’s the skeleton of a well-balanced and desirable place to live here, with a good physical location that’s well-serviced by public transport, diverse housing options, plentiful amenities, and a range of wide green spaces. The main strip, Beamish Street is full of early 1900's buildings with a lot of character. �B/��v��9])�C “Those murders are not random acts and are part of a violent criminal activity that the NSW Police will continue to investigate,’’ Assistant Commissioner Mennilli said. The dodgiest thing I saw was a couple of noisy addicts making racist comments at the train station (they were caucasian). Incidents of assault and sexual offences remained mostly stable — apart from sexual assault rates that rose 9 per cent in Canterbury.

Liverpool. The rate of robbery is MORE THAN DOUBLE the state average. The suburb booms in the early hours of the morning (ie. January – Kim Han Chin, 39, Hannans Rd, Narwee, February – Sharon Michelutti, 48, Kentucky Rd, Riverwood, April – Safwan Charbaji, 32, Ilma Street, Condell Park, April – Walid “Wally” Ahmad, 41, Bankstown Central, July – Adam Abu-Mahmoud, 18, Marco Ave, Panania, August – Melissa Myatt, 40, Cardigan Rd, Greenacre, September – Anne Rogers, 61, Links Ave, Milperra, September – Brian Hamilton, 69, Buist St, Bass Hill, October – Hamad Assaad, 29, Sturt Ave, Georges Hall, November – Pasquale Barbaro, 35, Larkhall Ave, Earlwood, November – Goubing Liu, 59, Amy St, Campsie. %%EOF You are not exactly comparing apples to apples.

Amenity-wise Bankstown is very well equipped and offers a wide range of big and small scale shopping as well as a pretty desirable 30 minute or so commute to the Sydney CBD, but property prices have risen quite a lot in recent years which has removed its other major benefit. Campsie is located in the south west of Sydney. Has potential if it picks it act up. What are the studio units like at 2B harold St Campsie? You can find many shopping stores but it is a dirty suburb, this is a multi-culture suburb and are fully filled by different countries' tasty food.

Campsie is one of the only affordable subburbs in the area.

^�# (I��ߟ�q�)���t�!x��I�a �Ҹ�L+ �fFưF,�L&El����JZ��))��U@�^��Th �4`���/�E9Ze��*���v��s}9��O.G���'Ų�x�#&Њ��t@^=�ɟW�-���� �\�{��p��\?�?�?��&hu��XC���!���n‡��YV�)p#䦠�������I>�5��5�����ʽ$Ë�?�vA�WMܲf���? Milton of Campsie. NSW Police Assistant Commissioner Frank Mennilli, who is commander of South West Metropolitan Region, said there was a strike force looking into them and following leads. To join the conversation, please log in.

Share this by Email. %PDF-1.5 %���� You cant exactly compare Campsie to some of the most prestigious areas in Sydney like Double Bay which lies in your desired eastern suburbs. �M��9o�L;�-�h���W�;3k���a\��Bpw�� 0 |��� NOTE: If you’re looking at this page on a mobile phone, it’s best to turn it sideways to landscape mode. Our varied community safety and crime prevention initiatives can be accessed on our

Det Insp Paul Albury Campsie Police crime manager, Canterbury-Bankstown Express. Share this on Twitter .

Milton of Campsie.

But despite the spike in homicides, police say they are not random acts. Most significantly, theft was drastically reduced in both Canterbury and Bankstown from 2015-16. Rate calculations should also be treated very cautiously for LGAs that have high visitor numbers relative to their residential population. @h`8$��lu���#p�|�dGɈ_̳Y�"���Y�tt�N �7�F(R:���|}2��b7��+��ԟ�s��!�&[8>��upu��T@�nG�c�ե�'���(ٜX�>����P�(�U]��G+9��e���ZW`t��Y`�˩+���d8������߹Y^����7-�)=�Vs���0..���l�7J|p�+�:@j}������A%0�VF�> �E�~0 ���rU���>���I1�l��u���ѝ����eB��X��ބ��%+��� ����lz)l�Ri�%�2< Community Safety and Crime Prevention Officers on The housing is affordable, the public transport is flawless- trains and buses every 5 minutes and there is even a bike path that takes you all the way along the Cooks River.

Campsie is located along the cooks river which has a great public walkway and cycle path too. The food there is authentic and it is good value for money too. Sometimes we buy Korean style meats (there is perfect Korean shop is on the North Parade forgetting the shop number) for BBQ at home as well.


This is achieved via community involvement in the development and delivery of targeted initiatives that improve the quality of life and safety of residents and workers in the local government area. We have summarised key information from the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research, with data collected from July 2013 – June 2014, regarding robberies, thefts and malicious property damage. The ABS Labour Force Survey provides the official estimates of Australia's unemployment rate. Would you rent on Ninth Avenue closest to Beamish Street end? The Council Chambers is located here so you would think they would clean it up. It takes me 20-30 mins to get to work in the city every day via public transport. "Quiet, Well Located and Friendly Neighborhood". If you like to get a beer, we prefer to go to the TAB, the guy named Dan is very funny and friendly:). “It’s pleasing to see those numbers have come down but until they get down to zero, there’s still more work to be done,” he said. This compares UNFAVOURABLY to the state average of 51.5 per 100,000 people.

Crime Statistics for New South Wales (2007-2011) Also in archive (2006) Browsing : Australia > New South Wales > Sydney > Canterbury/Bankstown > Campsie(2194)

Congestion on Beamish Street has meant that I have to leave home earlier each day to make it to uni.

Really, most of the residents there are parents with children who just want to work hard to bring up their kids. Our team of experts are on-hand 24/7/365 to make sure your alarm is never ignored, alongside other great products. 3. Crime can be found in every corner of the country, fortunately we can too.

Bankstown Police crime manager Detective Chief Inspector Glen Fitzgerald said the declining numbers were a positive outcome but police would constantly work to bring them down further.

All rights reserved. Read ADT’s list of security features to ensure you protect that extra home value following a renovation or extension. The plan steers the direction of approach, method of engagement and initiatives targeting crime priorities in Canterbury-Bankstown. 214 0 obj <>stream h�TR�n�0��{lՃ����&��P��n�"cr���D=`kƞ��1bw�|7����=�M�]�q8G�Pc�yP\g��j{@���e��?�f�����|8N��S�$A�G�������{f��~�G?����M&v�&��A��N�.AVK�����h|�PJ)�*m�� ���嬪�cbv��e��.�Pn�6U6;-��Ձ �EMפe�g�*IH)&�Lr1�h˗�뫎J�Lri͞ņId�/��� ���,x���.

Crime Rate per Capita; Liverpool: 15069: 269.09: 0.39%: Blacktown: 12912: 230.57: 0.23%: Mount Druitt: 10654: 190.25: 0.35%: Parramatta: 10116: 180.64: 0.40%: Haymarket: 8742: 156.11: 0.75%: Penrith: 8328: 148.71: 0.69%: Campbelltown: 7913: 141.30: 0.78%: St Marys: 7356: 131.36: 0.38%: Bankstown: 6892: 123.07: 0.21%: Surry Hills: 5188: 92.64: 0.55%: Cabramatta: 4414: 78.82: 0.18%: Potts Point: 4349: …

Campsie is the most 'value for money' suburb in Sydney. Relatively safe suburb- I’ve never felt unsafe walking on the streets at night, and have never been robbed/ mugged in the past 20 years here. People dump their rubbish everywhere and it feels like im in a western Sydney dump.

I think you may have to go further out for some quality secondary schools though.

Eleven people were murdered in 2016 – six in Bankstown and five in Canterbury, the highest number of any local government area in NSW. If you have any questions about our products and services, you can call us on: 8.30am - 6pm Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm Saturday. It is a densly popoulated area but that is the reason I feel safe walking home every night. The number of car thefts also dropped by 35 per cent in Canterbury and by 27 per cent in Bankstown.

While crime will always be a concern in every corner of the country, there are some areas where the rate of incidents is higher than others. This form collects your name, email address, and other personal information. 25 minute train ride to the city. The average price of a house in Double Bay is $4.1m and the average price of a house in Campsie is $1.1m. I often visit Campsie for the great Korean restaurant that is located right next to Woolworths. Invalid postcode. View the data quality statement for Labour force status (LFSP) Employment - hours worked Employed people aged 15 years and over Casula % New South Wales % Australia % 1-15 hours per … Here at ADT we’ve been proving peace of mind for over 145 years. Even so, there is an efficient commute to the city (sometimes express trains), where you'll be spoilt for choice with employment and educational opportunities. Lived in Campsie for a while when I moved out of parents place. This site uses cookies to offer you a better browsing experience. So no matter where you are you’ll be able to find ADT experts to keep your home safe. Please rate this website. Album : "Milton of Campsie Village" Interest 900+ 5/5/16. endstream endobj 179 0 obj <>stream In 2016, Canterbury and Bankstown bucked the state trend – in NSW, murder rates dropped by 6 per cent. To arrange a visit just click or call 0800 804 6226. Sorry we couldn't find a match for that, please try again, Join the conversation, you are commenting as, - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -, Future towers twice height of Canterbury-Bankstown's tallest building, Historic bowling club set for wrecking ball, Riches to rags: Aussie star who became a window cleaner, The two pacemen Thommo rates even higher than Lillee, Australian Olympic legend suffers heart attack, ‘Pissed off’: Smith’s massive behind the scenes war with 9, ‘Missed forever’: Sam Armytage farewells mum.

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