coconut curry lentil soup slow cooker

Red lentils simmer with coconut milk & curry for the perfect side dish OR dinner.

Enjoy! I LOVE red lentils, which are easy to cook and require no pre-soaking. I prefer to use light coconut milk in this recipe, as it gives the dal a silkier texture. Slow Cooker (or Instant Pot) Golden Lentil Soup is a low-fuss meal perfect for healthy weeknight meals. Add the lime juice and the kale, and stir to combine. For a stovetop version, check out my book, easy dal recipe, red lentil dahl recipe, slow cooker dal recipe, Sautéed greens, such as kale, spinach, collard greens or Swiss chard. Also known as 'daal' or 'dal soup.' If your lentils are not tender, allow them to cook for longer until they are soft. We love this dal over rice with sautéed greens and naan bread, but it’s also a fabulous accompaniment to curries and roasted meats. Stir in kale, coconut milk, and lime juice; let stand 2 to 3 minutes. I include a few garnishes at the table for added texture and flavor. The good news is that you can simply microwave the aromatics for 4-5 minutes (although I also include instructions for cooking them on the stovetop). You’re going to love this easy, creamy slow cooker dal, which is a cinch to make using inexpensive pantry ingredients! Recipe developer.

Garnish with cilantro or any other fresh herbs of your choice. Sausage lentil soup – Fry up one pound of ground pork or turkey sausage, drain, and add to your soup to add a varying flavor. Rice– Try boiled jasmine or basmati rice or a simple pilaf. slow cooker dal recipe, which is a cinch to make using inexpensive pantry ingredients. Your email address will not be published. This is the ULTIMATE slow cooker dal and it couldn't be easier to make! Add other herbs and spices – Such as Italian spice blend, Mexican taco seasoning, Cajun seasoning, ranch seasoning, jerk spice blend, Mediterranean spice blend, or your favorite spice mixture of your own. How to make this Sweet Potato Coconut Curry Soup: This curry soup is also really easy to make in your slow cooker/blender. Thank you for supporting From Scratch Fast! It’s great to enjoy when you return from a long day of work to a delicious dinner. You can also thin the dal with water or broth to make a soup! Luckily they’re inexpensive and easy to cook—so go eat your lentils! ), Pear Salad with Gorgonzola, Walnuts & Arugula (The Ultimate Fall Salad!).

You can do this on stovetop to speed it up. I love my. Leftovers can be stored in a sealed container in the fridge for up to 2 days and reheated in the microwave or stovetop. Cover and cook until the lentils are tender (they should be slightly firm but not crunchy), about 5-6 hours on low (it takes 6 hours in my KitchenAid 6 quart model); do not use high heat. It’s important to cook the aromatics (onion, garlic and ginger) quickly before they go into the slow cooker for two reasons: (1) it helps to draw out and mellow their flavors, and (2) it softens the vegetables so that they turn tender (otherwise they’ll still be crunchy at the end). Scrape the mixture into a 4- to 7-quart slow cooker. – Let it cook a bit longer without the lid. Be sure to cook the dal on low heat, not high (see the Notes below). Turn off heat, and stir in kale, coconut milk, and lime juice. No!

How to make leftover soup thinner? Lentil vegetable soup- Add veggies such as tomatoes, spinach, diced tomatoes, kale, collard greens, celery, russet potatoes, zucchini, cucumber, turnips, and carrots to make a vegetarian or vegan-friendly version. Cover and fasten lid. @FromScratchFast. They have been linked to cardiovascular health, heart health and diabetes prevention. Nope! Welcome! Join now to receive my latest recipes and receive a free copy of my ebook, 15 Easy Weekday Meals! Just give the lentils a rinse before adding them to the slow cooker to wash off any dust or impurities. ), Swiss Chard Gratin (Vegan & Gluten-Free!). The recipes are vibrant and packed with flavor, from a slow cooker chicken tikka masala, to a vegetarian lasagna, to a gorgeous breakfast strata, and more! It’s rich and nourishing yet bright and healthy. Healthy, hearty, inspired by Indian curry flavors.

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