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I’m a transplant from Tennessee and although I did my fair share of gardening there I’ve never grown coconuts before! Coconut Palm usually doesn’t live more than 6 months after showing first evidence of the disease. countries depend on them for coconut oil, used world-wide in cosmetics, They need minimum temperatures of about 72 degrees and grow best when temperatures range between 85 and 95 degrees.

The coconuts are very prolific 7 of ten nuts sprout now!

The Coconut Palms may live as long as 100 years, producing fruits till 80 years of age.

The average temperature should be around 72F with a lot of rainfalls. All of their palm trees are properly grown and acclimatized to the correct hardiness zone. Common Name: High Plateau Coconut Palm Scientific Name: Beccariophoenix alfredii Zone: 9A-11 Growth Rate: Slow Origin: Madagascar Drought Tol. Buy Small Malayan Coconut Palm – 3 ft ». They are generally protandrous, male flowers release pollen before females become receptive. : High Typical Height: 30'-50' DESCRIPTION It is great for growing in USDA Zones 9a (20 to 25 F) to 11 (above 40 F). feathery fronds. When she’s not digging in the dirt, Julie writes about food, education, parenting and gardening. The trees grow slowly and may not produce fruit for several years. Flowers grow in clusters and are held by slightly branched stalks. After maturing it takes a full year for the coconut to ripe. soaps, cooking oils and margarine. ...coconut palms are just what you need, and not just as shade trees to protect you from the blazing sun.

Happiest in warmer and coastal areas of South Florida, these Flowers/Fruits: When about 4-6 years of age, during spring the Coconut Palm starts producing sweet-scented yellow flowers. It is topped with a crown of 25 – 30 pinnate, or feather-shaped, leaves that can grow up to 18 feet long and 6 feet wide. It adds so much to south Florida just to see them all back again lining streets and beaches brings back memories.

Check it every week. It adds so much to south Florida just to see them all back again lining streets and beaches brings back memories. The Coconut Palm seeds are one of the largest of any plant. Coconut palms are plagued by several disease problems. Hi However, it is surprising to know the very popular coconut palm tree is not actually native to Florida but came from Spain. Plant one increase the beauty of your property and inspire other neighbors to do so as well creating a tropical wonder land. There is a nut inside of the fruit, filled with a layer of white coconut “meat” and sweet watery milk. The coconuts take 7 to 12 months to mature from bud set. Drive several bamboo stakes into the ground 6 inches from the plant to create a sort of fence around the plant. Our trees are maintained by a team of dedicated Florida natives that pride themselves on their love of our trees. Insects and Diseases: “Lethal yellowing” is the most dangers disease for Coconut Palm, that is caused by a tiny organism called a phytoplasma.

Water right away after planting and apply mulch to help retain soil moist and protect from weed growth. Today more than 40 years later I have seen a rebirth of the coconut trees they are everywhere again and as beautiful as ever. Everything about the palm can be used: coconut meat, milk and oil; fiber from the fruit husks (called "coir"); leaves woven into mats, baskets, clothing, or used for thatch. The Coconut Palms may live as long as 100 years, producing fruits till 80 years of age. To prevent nutritional deficiency, apply good quality palm fertilizer that has continuous release formula twice a year during growing season. YES - if planted in warmer zones and with proper irrigation. Learn how to get instant curb appeal with fast growing plants and landscaping techniques! Remove this greenhouse once the tree stands 12 inches tall.

Store it in a warm, dark location, such as near a water heater. Coconut palms are said to be deer resistant, though we make no promises. The most common one is “lethal yellow” (LY), which has slowly spread up the coast of Florida, killing off many native and commercial plantings.

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