countries with the best food

What you get outside the country is a poor rendering of what Mexicans really eat at home: meat, poultry, vegetables, sea food. Two is a coincidence.

Forget it if you are a calorie counter. Finding home style vegetarian meals on streets can become a bit challenging than finding less healthier options.

All are so unique and tasty in their own way!

A mixture of ingredients and traditions adds flair to Barcelona’s fare: using seafood and meats in a rich array of sauces. Main reasons: (1) lots of fats in meat and grill and (2) less rich in meza offerings.

However, inside homes, Turkish people do eat these mastered vegetarian gems more frequently than anything else. For me, Vietnamese food is number one. Jorge Vallejo on his latest restaurant Ixi'im which uses modern and ancient cuisine to recreate traditional Mayan flavours. Their combinations are unique. Italy is well known for its mouthwatering coffee, which will rejuvenate your taste bud and let you feel fresh throughout the day.

Best food can be find in USA, this huge and famous country offers you all the food you want, all the food you need. Big Macs are not the only thing Americans know how to make. Moreover, when you travel home, the very first thing you will do is go to some place to eat real Mexican food.

I love dancing and listening punjabi music. Also, personally, Mexican food is always something I will be in the mood for. Tagine, Moroccan couscous, pastilla, tanjia and rfissa these are my favourites. You're not the best, but at least you're a country with rocking food. Also, there are some typical meals that are not seen outside the country and, of course, a paella is not a paella if is not ate at a valencia'n restaurant.I don't know how English food is included here, in my opinion is one of the poorest of the world. Spain boasts jamón ibérico, gazpacho and churros while France brings baguette, escargot and macarons to … When they say 100% orange juice, it's a lie, they take out oxygen from the orange, which removes ALL flavor. Pasta, cheese, and some sort of tomato sauce.

Highly recommend them.

I been in Korea for three years and I love em. People have only tasted the tip of the iceberg of Italian cuisine, their are so many delicious dishes that no one knows of outside of Italy like Chiacchere, Recco focaccia, Piadina and much more.

All the herbs add a freshness to the dishes. Memphis has its ribs, which are prepared with a dry rub, a mixture of spices. Thousands of excellent meals is a trend. Also, Spain is full of different tastes-- from Andalusia to Barcelona to the Basque country. There are Chinese desserts called grass jelly and-DRAGON'S BEARD CANDY?! Nothing can beat the Italian spicy food.

Legendary fish sauce or shrimp paste looks after the salt. Nothing can compare. However, inside homes, Turkish people do eat these mastered vegetarian gems more frequently than anything else. The basis of all meals is rice in the south, and roti in the north.

Greece Food culture is simple yet delicious. Even the smallest food stand in a small alley can lead to a palette-tingling experience. Whether milky white in colour with mother of pearl nuances, similar to tiny sugar coated almonds, or reddish with darker markings, both varieties a, The paradise destination of Bali has grown so much as a.

I would LOVE to say and be able to vote on every nationalities food. Thumbs up.Toronto, Leakhena, Just really great food. There are thousands of choices that Indian food stimulates each senses of our body and mind.

Olive oil is usually used for the cooking purpose in Italy.

Time to roll up their sleeves, ladies at home. So, don't listen stereotypes about France and French stuffs, just go in France and try the numerous kind of restaurants, from the farmer to the gastronomic via the fast-food, even the gastronomic fast-food. Also, their steak is mostly other prices of steak glued together. Better than Turkey... Turkey has enslaved too many people for me to be sure if some things are really theirs... Germany on another hand has their own original stuff. I've been to 24 countries and after Morocco, it topped my list! You can have a huge feast and leave the country without going bankrupt. Because English food itself is not especially good (forgive me for saying so) English people (unlike most other countries) seldom go out to eat English food (or even eat it in their homes). However I like both styles very much & I like the wide variety of food they have as well!

The abundance of rice is characteristic of the region's fertile terraced landscape, the spices are reminiscent of a time of trade and invasion (the Spice Islands), and fiery chilli echoes the people’s passion. Most Germans still eat at home, hence the lack of German restaurants, hence the quality of German produce! Like maple cookies or maple bacon. Guess again, it's Belgium!

There are so many different kinds of food that people love them so much. The spicy flavors, blazing pretzels, plump sausages, bottle of wine are some of the best cuisine in Germany. Maple syrup Is a famous Canadian thing that we add to our recipes. We interviewed local experts to highlight edible adventures in each city on our list, from street food to haute cuisine, iconic dishes, markets, and restaurants. Indonesian and Malaysian cooking is not complex, and tastes here stay separate, simple and substantial. And I'm not joking. The only problem is that real authentic food with real authentic ingredients can only be found in Mexico. Some of those foods you wont even find in India.. There are so many types of food-just go to their dinner table and they have these tons of delicious things... Like so many types of things and I don't even know how to describe them.

The food over there has a more far eastern flavor to it. South Africa: Bunny Chow Is The Mother Of All Street Food. You have to remember that Mexico has given to the world many of the ingredients of the other cuisines: tomato, chillies (most chillies come originally from Mexico), beans, vanilla, Turkey, cucumber, avocado, and a long etc. Korean food, in the easiest way to express, is wonderful to my taste buds. And who could forget the worm that waits at the bottom of a bottle of Mezcal?

Just delicous. List of my favorite foods from China:Custard bao, Xiao Long bao, duck pancakes, Har Gow ( prawn crystal dumplings ), Pai Gwut (pork ribs), chicken feet (seriously), sticky rice, char siu bao (bbq pork dumplings), Cheung Fung (rice noodle sheets with various fillings), egg tarts, mango pudding, lobster, seafood chowmein, pork chow mein, egg fried rice, fortune cookies, pomello sago pudding. Outside of the region, you simple cannot get the same, correct, fresh, ingredients that are essential to making real Thai cuisine.Unfortunately, most folks' experience with Thai cooking is at their local, so-called, 'Thai' restaurant, outside of Thailand, which uses substitute ingredients and other modifications to traditional dishes because either the real recipe is impossible to make in whatever country they're in, or because they're afraid the local culture won't be able to handle the real thing.Even the street vendor food, the kind they cook to order--not the pre-cooked kind sitting in vats--is better than anything I've had in all of Europe and Asia. The barbecue here is amazing. And most are made with healthy ingredients. Whoever wrote this has no meaning of understanding to food. Closest they can get to American food. If you are a tourist, then you might want to rejuvenate your taste buds with different cuisines. It's very difficult to prepare.2. In Iranian foods, you can find so many different salads and seafoods and almost all of the food has red or white meat and they smell so good, you want to eat all of the food and the kebabs are the best and the Iranian food is so healthy that won't make you sick. Not the mention that we have people from all over the world that have joined our great nation and brought their cooking styles with them. Hope you'll visit Vietnam and enjoy them someday. Spain is in a Mediterranean country so it has a perfect weather to cultive fresh vegetables and fruits, it is also a peninsula so it has one of the best seafood of the world. It is a great tourist destination not just because of the attractive tourist spot but also for the mouthwatering street foods. Insanely good! The world woke up to Chinese food a long time ago and it continues to grow in popularity every year. Looking to go Korean in the kitchen? We also have good fast food like A&W which is a fast food burger place mostly found in Canada. “People are learning that food is the vehicle to understand a culture,” says Marwa Preston, founder of Wanderbeak, a Barcelona-based company that offers gastronomic experiences. Tempura - crispy. French food is over-rated in my opinion. The best part of the cuisine is that they use fresh and green vegetables, thus green soup is always the best in Mexico.

Mexico has the best food of any country, it's not even up for debate.

The ancient traditions and vast terrain of the subcontinent make for cuisine that hits every note on the culinary scale and is always full of surprises. Atlantic Canada is home to the tastiest seafood you can find ANYWHERE.

Indonesian and Malaysian cuisines are one big food swap: Chinese, Portuguese, Indian, colonists and traders have all influenced their ingredients and culinary concepts. Kaju Katli, literally means cashew slices, and that’s what these super popular Indian sweets are: thin, cashew fudge slices. A lot of traditional vegetarian and vegan foods, etc...Only the back ward terror regime has closed that beautiful country for the world. So, you may want to know which country has the best food. They measured the number of high-quality restaurants and culinary experiences from online channels (including Google, Facebook, Instagram, and TripAdvisor) in more than 200 cities to identify the world’s most delicious destinations. One word: coffee. Taiwan can compete for the best food in the world.

Kaju katli is strongly attached to Diwali. For foodies with wanderlust, sampling the scrumptious street food on offer in each destination is the best part of traveling.

One thing that makes me sad is that people insult English food because after WW2 we had limited things to cook with and the food was quite bad at that time. Then there's the east coast. Furthermore, this cuisine is capable of cooking every single vegetable on earth in an extremely delicious way. True there are other restaurants but the locals don't use them and economics takes over.Switzerland - pizzas, cheese, beef, pizza, kebab, pizza end of.France - Tripe, Variety of bottom feeding arthropods, pizza and kebabEngland - Fish n' chips, Carvery, Pub Classics, Chinese, Indian, Italian, Local and that's in a Devonshire village. All rights reserved. The flavors might not suit most people's taste.But that's just my personal opinion.PS, if you haven't tried it, I recommend you to. With a lot of different traditional cuisine, Thailand features as the 7th top most country with the best food in the world. Of course that is junk, but if you know where to look there are many regional cuisines in the USA that you would probably like and even some that are healthy.I just made a really good meal last night with trout fish, with a side of wild rice and string beans/slivered almonds-at least 98% American and 100% delicious (according to my wife at least) and even healthy.

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