earth's interior layers

For example, the lithosphere penetrates deep into the mesosphere at subduction zones. Driven by heat from deeper in the interior, this process is responsible for Continental Drift, earthquakes, the formation of mountain chains, and a number of other geological processes.

Moonquakes of very low energy are caused by land tides produced by the pull of Earth's gravity, and, from analysis of moonquake data, scientists believe the Moon has two layers: a crust, from the surface to 65 kilometers depth, and an inner, more dense mantle from the crust to the center at 3,700 kilometers. Seismic studies from 1906 indicate that the outer core is liquid and the inner core is solid. The differentiation between these layers is due to processes that took place during the early stages of Earth's formation (ca. To the Mayans, the world was flat, and at it corners, four jaguars (known as bacabs) held up the sky. It has been further speculated that while the core is composed of iron, it may be in a different crystalline structure that the rest of the inner core. Very little is known about the lower mantle apart from that it appears to be relatively seismically homogeneous. This is due in large part to the fact that the crust is made up of solidified products derived from the mantle, where the mantle material is partially melted and viscous. Because different parts of the crust, mantle, and core have different thicknesses and densities, the strength of gravity over particular points on earth varies slightly. Because the magnetic field is generated by a dynamically convecting and rotating sphere of liquid, it is unstable. The mantle, which makes up about 84% of Earth's volume, is predominantly solid, but behaves as a very viscous fluid in geological time. Yes indeed, the Earth is a strange and mysteries place, titanic in scale as well as the amount of heat and energy that went into making it many billions of years ago. This in turn is believed to cause the liquid elements to become buoyant, helping to drive convection in the outer core. In ophiolites, ultramafic rock from the mantle part of the lithosphere is a defining attribute.

There are two types of seismic waves: P-waves, or pressure waves, which go through both liquids and solids, and S-waves, or shear waves which go through solids but not liquids. Heat escapes the interior as this new lithosphere emerges from below. The crust, for example, is broken into plates that slowly drift over the mantle, sinking into it at some places and rising at others. The freezing of liquid iron into crystalline form at the inner core boundary produces residual liquid that contains more light elements than the overlying liquid. The Earth is made up of four primary layers that exist in a spherical structure resembling an onion. In addition, it is understood that the differences in temperature and pressure are due to leftover heat from the planet's initial formation, the decay of radioactive elements, and the freezing of the inner core due to intense pressure.

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