effect of socioeconomic status on academic performance

The harsh reality is that, those children who enter kindergarten without the basic literacy skills fail to catch up to their peers later as they rise through the educational ranks. The role parents in the upbringing of the child cannot be overemphasized and as such it’s socioeconomic status is of vital importance. As such, the extent of student’s learning in academics may be determined by the grades a student earns for a period of learning.

Keywords: rural, urban, socio-economic status, academic performance, extracurricular activities. On the face of it, that should strike us as odd. SOCIO-ECONOMIC STATUS AND ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE In general, the concept “socioeconomic status” highlight to the position of individuals, families, or other units on one or more dimensions of stratification (Fergusson, Horwood and Boden, 2008). Get access to this section to get all the help you need with your essay and educational goals. Educational inequality has thus presented itself as one of the most fundamental socio-political issues in America.

Owalabi (1988). Lingrining (2007) suggests that all these problems start with the parents’ lack of education which makes them lack a clear understanding of the children and their needs.

Somehow, in general, schools are not very effective – schools all along the continuum of neighborhoods. Classroom is the educational resource for people of all ages.

These feelings might end up being passed onto the children, albeit not directly, but in the form of negativity accompanied by insufficient nurturing which translates to the failure to comprehend and focus on the needs of the children. Objectives of the study. There are successful schools at all points on the spectrum; there just aren’t many of them.

The type of students who are brought up with such relationships, acquire healthy and appropriate emotional and mental responses to situations as they present themselves on a day to day basis. I can think of 6 general reasons that, on their face, might explain why SES/Achievement correlates and why outlier successes haven’t borne fruit more generally: There are a few wrinkles within the categories, so I derive a total of 10 plausible theories we need to consider collectively (while casting some doubt on each of the 10 as I pose it): The first 5 theories basically presume that the non-school factors are quite powerful and outweigh the good that school does. Thus, the socioeconomic status of a family is mainly based on the total family income, the education levels of the parents, the parents’ occupation, as well as their social status in the community, i. . The lack of appropriate resources and/or the limited access to the few available resources negatively affects the decisions by a family regarding their children’s learning and overall development.

Hypothesis Ho2: There is no correlation between students academic perfirmance form intact homes and those from broken homes. Enter your Email address to Join the Club of Scholar and Researchers.

Another related clue: even in the most elite schools and colleges, pre-assessment and post-assessment on tests of science misconceptions (such as the FCI in Physics) show remarkably little gain.

Well, this is where the issue becomes interesting to me as a life-long educator and reformer. The roadmap of achievement for any individual is set up by their socioeconomic background. There will high financial responsibility especially on our women if it was the man who died. Journal of Human Resources, 33(4), 915–946.

Memon, G.R, Joubis, M.F, Khurram M.A.

2-8). It will serve as an eye opener on the effects social economics status of parent on their children and how the negative effects can be corrected. Do neighborhoods affect child and adolescent development? Follow International Journal of Research (IJR) on WordPress.com, http://journals.indexcopernicus.com/International+Journal+of+Research,p24780943,3.html, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License, https://internationaljournalofresearch.com/, https://internationaljournalofresearch.com/about-the-journal/term-of-uses-of-the-content-of-ijr/, How to write for international journals (title and abstract guide), “The Impact and Roles Of Mass Media During the Pandemic”.

This enable the researchers to get responses from teacher and students. Influence of family and socio-demographic variables on students with low academic achievement. Their innate intelligence is under developed in certain aspects that are important for success in present day educational systems and their personality is structured that they are not likely to do well in school. Teachers also have a role to play by making sure these students are well taught, occupied with assignments and class-work so as to create sense of seriousness in them. Differential access to education theory is apparently true in Nigeria, thus, children of low socioeconomic families do not have as much access to education as children of high socio-economic family background are found mostly in good quality post primary institutions such as the Federal Government Controlled Colleges which are adequately provided with qualified teachers and materials to Ramey and Ramey (1994) the disadvantage of brilliant children from poor homes. Here is an often-cited address by Helen Ladd; here and here are two views by respected researcher David Berliner; here is another respected researcher making the case. In this class children usually augment the family income by manual work at an early age. Families from a higher socioeconomic background tend to do most of the family activities together, and this togetherness aids in the development of fundamental characteristics and ideals in a child.

Affluent adolescents, depression, and drug use: The role of adults in their lives.

In a study of the role of socioeconomic status on adolescent stress in The Journal of Adolescent Health, researchers found that students with “professionally educated” parents experience lower levels of stress and higher levels of optimism. This study will help educational or guidance counselors to identify students whose parents are from the lower social class and profit solution to their problems. socioeconomic status show better academic performance in comparison to those with poor socioeconomic status, they showed poor and unsatisfactory academic performance. The Review of Economics and Statistics, 64, 32–41. The teacher questionnaires consist of twenty items is divided into section A & B section A consists of personal data of the respondents while section B deals with the questions based on the hypothesis. (But why can’t the gap be made up by all the intensive schooling we do? The Effect of Socioeconomic Status on Student Achievement Outside factors can affect what goes on inside a classroom. 1.3 Goals of Learning Mathematics – • Are there any cases of students from low socioeconomic households who defy the odds who defy the odds and go on to achieve academic greatness? Don’t we see some narrowing of the gap in schools that attend to this? Ask yourself, honestly: have you ever seen a school that did everything on the 7 elements above or Hattie’s complete list of 31 with fidelity? It also enhances the effectiveness of schools as these are basic things that can bring about good academic performance in the students. Families of a higher SES have the income and the time to supplement their child’s schooling with educational camps and retreats; private lessons in art, music or performance; test preparation; and targeted tutoring.

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