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Millard Horizon 17’. yet? Don’t let tensions fester…. Start A New Topic Reply. Look forward to helping either small groups or individuals to achieve their goals of independant travel. I stay clean and organised on the road. I’d love to discuss possibility of travelling with you. Born Wales (UK) and lived in Scotland. Like to mention i also do housesitting for travellers who take a 3-6 month holiday. People are just so ignorant n make so many negative judgements , they should do their homework before opening their big mouths,Ferrets r not “feral” n cannot survive in the wild for more than a few days, no known colonies have EVER been found in Australia. Hi again all, my idear is if other people have their own van and dont like travelling alone they could team up with another person with their own van, just though it would be safer and more fun if you wonted to camp on the side of the road or in remote place. People seem interested in personalities etc. I am in WA at the moment and deciding whether over the top through Cape Trib. No tips. Pwesonal details: age 66 yrs, female, non-smoker, in good health. The Grey Nomads; Travel Agent Check List. I totally agree with you about NO meat market pages. Yes I am heading off on my own soon it would be nice to travel with someone even if not together meet up at places, I am thinking of staying at some farm stat places because they are quite cheap but wonder if it could be a tad isolated if on your own, Hi Fozalinko.Heading off myself soon to station stay.Always find people to mix with when get there.cheers roker. Heavy duty portable extraction winch. Hi Nola, No, we haven’t done this as you’re the first to pass any comment! Security and diversity within a group. Just back from 18 mths WA & SA. I have already tried and but no real interest there. "I don't care if they're 80 years old. Any like minded persons out there, please? One day soon I’ll gather up all this info AND the email addresses of those brave enough to speak up, send off a general info email and see what happens. I agree with Trevor and Lewis. "We got a little bit disillusioned with employing locals, especially young ones," Ms Barry said.

Any good cooks please feel free to respond. Maybe a few of us could get together. Precision illustrator in water colour (Includes microscopic work). Am so looking forward. It looks like there’s mostly ladies here, so there’s less apprehension about discussing our likes and dislikes to find a suitable travel partner. Love to see personality/outgoing temperament/drinking habits/ smoking habits/ clean habits Really anything that would make a friendly no hassle trip.

Required fields are marked *, © 2020 The Grey Nomads All Rights Reserved | ADMIN. All sounds great. There is always help and support at hand if someone suffers an accident or a bout of ill health, and it is reassuring to have a friendly face out there in unfamiliar conditions. © 2018 Pigs Will Fly. I have experience and training in a large variety of activities from skiing to rafting to scuba and more. Would love you to contact me. Passport.

How many people have died from coronavirus?Can children pass on the coronavirus disease? So why not take the guide with you everywhere you go? AEST = Australian Eastern Standard Time which is 10 hours ahead of GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). The idea of involving travellers on farms is not foreign.

Looking for 2010 ideas and interested in being part of any group contact. Permalink . Submit.

"We wouldn't consider driving anywhere now," Ms Ruck said. Search . ok now that’s better!! I have not booked a flight/accommodation yet but I will need to do so soon. I travel with those who desire a companion, an experienced guide, a friend, a trip planner, an activity partner, etc. But I’m interested in joining up with someone with their own unit, I can’t really share mine as its only got one double bed. While dogs, cats, and even budgies are ‘relatively’ common Big Lap travelling companions, ferrets still raise the eyebrows of fellow nomads … and caravan parks operators. Can they bring something to the table that will help make your vacation better than it otherwise could have been. I am flexible about destinations etc. COULD OUR EMAIL ADDRESS BE PASSED ON TO ROBIN TO CONTACT US IF SHE LIKES TO RESPOND. We’ll see what the New Year brings?? Hi again peoples.

But really it is not at all. email ad is Go away together for, say, 4 nights and see if you “grate” on each other. More fun with someone (or two) to share it with. It would be wonderful to have a catch up. Many women over 60 love to travel, but don’t want to travel alone. But have no set timetable or destinations. After three-and-a-half years on the road, it looks like the town known for oranges will be their closest thing to home in a long time. (i)post a comment here

(1) Flies, ants, bugs etc. Marcia, who suggested the idea is now unable to travel for family reasons but appreciated getting two positive responses. "Because it's private property I don't imagine we'd be breaking any sort of rules," Ms Barry said. A couple they met through an online nomad forum asked the owners, at the property they were housesitting, if the Bradleys could stay. To travel with a companion as to speak enjoy and have a laugh along the way is my idia of a travelling mate.

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