how to eat onsen tamago

. Hi Georgia! Thanks so much for trying this recipe. Therefore, if we maintain the cooking water to be at 149-154 degrees °F (65-68 °C), we’ll get a perfect spherical poached egg, creamy and silky on the outside and firm on the inside.

Thank you for trying this recipe! – will try 19min on the next run and see how that turns out. I had to test several eggs to figure out cooking time for me. So if you add more eggs, the water temp will drop drastically, and even you cook for a longer time, the result will not be the same. It is served at room temperature or chilled depending on the temperature of the Onsen Tamago. Kinpira Gobō often appears at the traditional Japanese breakfast.


Dans une soupe ou un bouillon avec des nouilles soba (au sarasin) par exemple.

Thank you so much for trying my recipe! Tried again tonight and I am getting there, even if I think that I need to adjust the timing because of the altitude, which affects the temperature of boiling water. Pour la petite histoire, le Japon est un pays volcanique qui possède des sources d’eau chaude. en plus ça à l’air trop bon ! It is one of the most popular egg dishes served in the morning at ryokan (traditional Japanese inns).

xD. Anyway the sauce is delicious and the egg is fantastic on white rice. Thank you.

It refers to eggs that were originally prepared in hot spring water to create silky egg whites and custard-like yolk. Hi Christina! Buy our best-selling e-cookbook for 33 more easy and simple recipes! I LOVE onsen tamago. It’s basically the complete opposite of soft boiled eggs that are firm whites and soft egg yolk.

So, at 65C, 1.5 hrs is perfectly safe. I’d love to hear what you or other readers know about it.

En japonais « onsen» signifie «Source d’eau chaude» et «tamago» œuf, donc comme vous l’aurez compris onsen tamago n’est autre qu’un œuf cuit dans de l’eau chaude à basse température. Is that what your assessment would be too?

Thank you.

I LOVE JOC I keep coming back to try more recipes ☺️.

I think you might want to try without adding water.

Anyway I tried this recipe but eggs were undercooked, still transparent. Keep trying till you get the egg of your dreams.

For Side 2, I think a simmered vegetable dish would be perfect. . This recipe (without using thermometer) works perfectly when we have exactly same products and condition….

I got also some experiences with creating dishes with that egg. If you’re going to use the same pot, cook longer, or reduce the amount of water etc to bring up the temp or simply cook longer.

Then if the temperature is too high, you might need to adjust with the water… You must be eating lots of eggs these days. I can’t wait to make it but I know that I’ll have to make it often for my husband! Finally the mystery behind the onsen tamago is revealed to me after over a decade when i encountered them at a hot springs in Japan.

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