juggernaut vs darkseid

Darkseid can just brush off dimension tearing punches? Press J to jump to the feed. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the whowouldwin community. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Ich muss sagen das mir das das Design des Juggernaut Behemoth sehr zusagt. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Come join our discussions, post your own battles and kick some ass! So which team would win ? I am not as familiar with darkseid as I am with the juggernaut.

No one is holding back on the x-men. They'd both be huge, they'd both be fast and insanely strong, and they'd both be essentially invulnerable and immortal. Fully powered Juggernaut takes an Omega Beam to the face, and he's either erased or teleported to the heart of a star at the beginning of time (to live out the rest of his natural life) or sent to some other hell dimension. caption vs caption The X-men have 1 day prep. Unverwundbarkeit, Selbst Sustenance, Unstoppable Momentum, Benutzerbild, Unsterblich, Krankheit Immunität, Matter Manipulation, Omega-Strahlen, Omega Sanction, Machtverteilung, Auferstehung, Größe Änderung, Purpurnen Kosmos Rüstung, Juggernaut-Rüstung, Genius Ebene Intellekt, unbeugsamen Willen, Einschüchterung, Führung, Bewusstseinskontrolle, Taktische Analyse, Telekinese, Telepathie, teleportieren, Dark Side, Son Of Heggra, The God Of Apokolips, The Dark Lord & Master of Darkness, Adventurer frühen Berufsverbrecher, Söldner, Soldat, Justice league: war (2014), Superman/batman: apocalypse (2010), Lego marvel super heroes (2013), Marvel: ultimate alliance 2 (2009), Spider-man: shattered dimensions (2010), X-Men: Destiny (2011), Lego batman 3: beyond gotham (2014), Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe (2008), Lego marvel super heroes (2013), Spider-man: shattered dimensions (2010), X-men destiny (2011), Marvel super hero squad online (2011), X2 - Wolverine's Revenge (2003), X-Men Legends (2004), X-men: next dimension (2002), Justice league heroes (2006), Superman: shadow of apokolips (2002), Super-menschlichen Reflexe, Super-Mensch Geschwindigkeit, Super-menschlichen Ausdauer, Super-menschliche Kraft, Superhumanly dichtem Gewebe, Super-Mensch Geschwindigkeit, Super-menschlichen Ausdauer, Super-menschliche Kraft, Super-Sight, Berserker, Kraftfeld, Unbewaffneter Kampf, Langlebigkeit, Kampf, Unverwundbarkeit zu physischen Angriffen, Verfolgung, Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen #134 - The Mountain of Judgement, Lego dc comics super heroes: justice league vs. bizarro league, X2 - Wolverine's Revenge (2003), X-Men Legends (2004), X-men: next dimension (2002), Lego marvel super heroes (2013), Marvel heroes (2013), Marvel super hero squad online (2011), Spider-man: shattered dimensions (2010), X2 - Wolverine's Revenge (2003). Jean Grey doesnot have the pheonix. That means that his strength and invulnerability is absolute unless there is other magic tampering with it. This is pre crisis darkseid vs everyone in the x-men picture. Extremely.

I think r/insanelopez has some scans that he linked for this. go here and continue the His power is magic based, not science or biological. Trion Juggernaut took this up a notch, able to absorb and project energy. Team Lobo or Team Hulk ? Trion Juggernaut vs Darkseid would be an extinction-level event. Because the way I understand it, that's the only thing that can undo or stop the juggernaut outside of removing him from battle which I really don't see as a win. They make a point that, fully powered, he creates a shield that protects him from all physical damage. He has tore dimensions with a punch. If its just the Juggernaut Darkseid wins everytime.

By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. You are indeed where you belong. If you love to imagine the planet-exploding battles of the fictional gods who will never be, taking pointless knowledge gathered from a life spent reading and gaming and swinging it like a gladiator's sword in discussions on reddit... then welcome home, my friend.

They'd both be huge, they'd both be fast and insanely strong, and they'd both be essentially invulnerable and immortal. I'm not sure how the Omega attacks would affect Juggernaut, but I don't think ol' Jugs can hit hard enough to really take out Darkseid. Darkseid either wins or gets a draw. Think the power cosmic that Surfer and Galactus has, and that's Darkseids Omega Effect. Darkseid could certainly knock him on his ass but could never actually Inflict damage.

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