kershaw 7777 carbon fiber

If you have loved the Leek in the past, you are going to want to purchase this brand new Leek. The blade is top-of-the-line M390 steel with a BlackWash finish. The blade on this Leek is actually slimmer, which allows you to pierce, while also performing more intricate work. Since the beginning, they have been creating innovative and ground breaking new technology that has since become the standard in the knife world. The difference between a drop point shape and this modified drop point shape is the point. 14C28N Plain Blade, Aluminum Handle, Kershaw 7777 Bareknuckle Flipper Knife, 3.5 in. Kershaw is actually a sub brand of Kai USA Ltd. Kai has now been Japan’s leading blade producer for over 100 years. Kershaw uses some of the highest quality materials to create the highest quality of knives. To create a higher quality design, they switched out the handle material and gave it what they call, “a handsome new suit of carbon fiber.” This new handle material is light weight, which in return cuts down on the weight of the whole knife. When you want to deploy your blade, you push down on this protrusion which will then flip your blade into the open position. If it’s not your first Kershaw, welcome back.” One of Kershaw’s newest releases is a new version of their famous Leek knife. For example, Kershaw can choose a steel that is known for having excellent edge retention and use it on the bottom portion of the blade, and then choose another steel that has been known for strength and use it on the spine of the blade. Information Taking inspiration from the legendary ZT 0777, the Bareknuckle returns with premium Kershaw materials. This is because all of the carbon fibers are woven together in a single direction, so while the material is extremely strong going in that direction, it is not strong when the fibers are stressed in any other way. This triangle is part of the blade, but sticks out of the back of the handle when the knife is closed. This website uses cookies to improve user experience. Kershaw is also dedicated to intensive craftsmanship, which guarantees that the high quality materials are put together in a good way and stay together. Because of the cost, carbon fiber is usually only found on high end knives. Carbon fiber is a very brittle material, prone to cracking or breaking when impacted with a sharp or hard object. The shape is created by having the unsharpened edge slowly curve until it meets the sharpened edge at the point.

Since it is a Kershaw flipper, it features the SpeedSafe assisted opening mechanism, which just helps you to flip your knife open quickly, efficiently, and safely.


The steel on this knife has been finished with a classic stonewash finish. The resulting look is a matte gray, with a textured look to it. And carvers can go about doing their precision work without too much effort, because the knife is on their team. The steel is a high end steel with an excellent balance between strength and toughness. When you have the correct equipment, this steel is pretty simple to sharpen, although it might take a couple of trial runs to get used to this particular style of steel. Although it is such strong material, it is not indestructible in any way. The steel that Kershaw chose for this version of the Leek is CPM 154. When you want to close your knife, you unlock this and manually push your blade back into the handle. A stonewash finish is when the steel is tumbled around with an abrasive material, usually small pebbles. BladeOps, LLC retails blades from many different manufacturers, such as Benchmade, Boker, Buck, CRKT, Kershaw, Gerber, MicroTech, ProTech, Smith & Wesson, and many more. ... Kershaw 7777 Bareknuckle Flipper Knife Made in the USA If you already like the Kershaw Natrix, but would like it even more if it were built in the USA, your wish is granted. For this version of the Leek, Kershaw decided to upscale it. One of the other reasons that a drop point is so versatile is that it sports a large belly with plenty of length for cutting or slicing. If you already like the Kershaw Natrix, but would like it even more if it were built in the USA, your... Kershaw 7800BLK Launch #6 Auto A tactically styled automatic Get a dark tactical look with the Launch 6 automatic knife from Kershaw. Inspired by the look of classic Italian stilettos, the Launch 12 offers stiletto style for a new... Kershaw 7150 Launch 8, 3.5" CPM 154 Plain Blade, Gray Aluminum/Carbon Fiber Insert HandleSLEEKEST LAUNCH YETInspired by the look of classic Italian stilettos, the Kershaw Launch 8 modernizes this... Kershaw 7250 Launch 9, 1.8" CPM 154 Plain Blade, Black Aluminum Handle UNDER 2-INCH BLADE The popularity of Kershaw’s Launch 4 has launched several new smaller automatics for 2019.

There is really nothing else like a Kershaw knife. When the Leek is opened, it is exactly 7 inches long, with a closed length of 4 inches. One unique characteristic about a carbon fiber handle is the look of it. It comes with a handsome anodized-aluminum handle in matte gray. The stonewash finish on this Leek adds a rugged look while also cutting down on maintenance.

These are knives that will last a lifetime and will be able to last through all of your adventures. A sleek carbon fiber handle matches the dark blade for a stealthy look. Kershaw Flythrough 1988.

The CPM stands for Crucible Particle Metallurgy. This is the... Kershaw 7350 Launch 10, 1.9" CPM 154 Plain Blade, Gray Aluminum HandleSMALL, BUT MIGHTYIt’s obvious why the new Launch 10 earned the nickname of “The Claw” here at Kershaw HQ. This mechanism locks the blade open during use. The blade on the leek is 3 inches long. The pocket clip can be reversed in four different directions, giving you the most comfortable carry options. Kershaw 7007CF Natrix Carbon Fiber, 3.25" 8Cr13MoV Black Plain Blade, G-10/Carbon Fiber Handles, Kershaw 7007OL Natrix, 3.25" 8Cr13MoV Plain Blade, OD Green G-10 Handles, Kershaw 7007OLBW Natrix, 3.25" 8Cr13MoV Plain Blade, OD Green G-10 Handles, Kershaw 7007Tan Natrix, 3.25" 8Cr13MoV Stonewash Plain Blade, TanG-10 Handles, Kershaw 7008CFBLK Natrix XL, 3.75" 8CR13MoV Black Plain Blade, Carbon Fiber/G10 Handle, Kershaw 7008OLBLK Natrix XL, 3.75" 8CR13MoV Black Plain Blade, G10 Handle, Kershaw 7100BW Launch #1 Auto, 3.4" CPM154 Blackwash Plain Blade, Anodized Aluminum Handle, Kershaw 7130 Launch 12CA Mini Stiletto, 1.9 " CPM154 Black Plain Blade, Blue Aluminum w/ Carbon Fiber Insert Handle, Kershaw 7130 Launch 12CA Mini Stiletto, 1.9 " CPM154 Stonewashed Plain Blade, Olive Aluminum w/ Carbon Fiber Insert Handle, Kershaw 7150 Launch 8, 3.5" CPM 154 Plain Blade, Gray Aluminum/Carbon Fiber Insert Handle, Kershaw 7150OLSW Launch 8, 3.5" CPM 154 Plain Blade, Olive Green Aluminum/Carbon Fiber Insert Handle, Kershaw 7250 Launch 9, 1.8" CPM 154 Plain Blade, Black Aluminum Handle, Kershaw 7350 Launch 10, 1.9" CPM 154 Plain Blade, Gray Aluminum Handle, Kershaw 7400DC Duck Commander Quax, 3.9" 3Cr13 Grey/Black Axe Blade, GFN Handle, Kershaw 7402DCX Duck Commander Rayne, 3" 8Cr13MoV SS Plain Blade, 420HC/G-10 Handle, Kershaw 7500BLK Launch #4, 1.9" CPM154 Plain Blade, Black Anodized Aluminum Handle, Kershaw 7777 Bareknuckle Flipper Knife, 3.5 in. Something unique about Kershaw is that they have pioneered many of the technologies and advanced materials that are now the standard in the knife industry.

This Composite Blade technology is truly groundbreaking. The hunters don’t have to worry about nicking the inner organs or damaging the meat while they are skinning their game. For how tough this steel is, it is also relatively hard, because of the added Molybdenum.

The textured look of the finish also helps to conceal scratches and fingerprints, which allows you to go longer in between polishes. Some of their finest innovative technological advances have been their SpeedSafe assisted opening mechanism, knives that have interchangeable blades because of Kershaw’s Blade Trader technology, and one of their newest is the Composite Blade technology. Like the other knives... Kershaw 7777 Bareknuckle Flipper Knife, 3.5 in. Store Hours:Mon-Thu: 8 am – 5 pmFri: 8 am – 3 pm, © 2020 BladeOps | All Rights Reserved | Privacy Policy | Terms & Conditions | Built by The Leek is a flipper knife. DigitlHaus, Smith & Wesson Military and Police Knives.

This is a light knife, weighing in at 2.3 ounces. In fact, because of how strong this material is, it ends up being extremely brittle. This helps to make the Leek ambidextrous friendly. On one side of the knife’s steel liner, which is the steel plate where the handles scales are attached, moves into position behind the blade to securely lock it open. Unfortunately, because it is a labor intensive process to create this material, it ends up being fairly expensive. Damascus Blade, Aluminum Handle Sale. So, the Leek is going to be a very comfortable everyday carry blade. Another huge benefit to this mechanism is that you can actually open your knife with just one hand. Reviews and Ratings for Kershaw 1870CFM390 Limited Edition Knockout Assisted Flipper Knife 3.25 M390 Stonewashed Blade, Carbon Fiber Handles at KnifeCenter.

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