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The izakaya concept is simple - small plates, raucous staff, plenty of booze - and Guu Izakaya gets it all right. The venue known as "Guu 2" is divided into a cozy tatami-adorned zashiki room and a communal dining room.

It’s not bad but food quality has gone down, service not as good, and last time I was there the, Sit @the bar, you'll see and hear the action, Yes (incl.

Lightly seared and thinly sliced, it melts in the mouth almost instantly. Some friends took me to Guu Saka Bar and such a cool experience! Having been to Guu on Robson in Vancouver, Guu on Church and now the Bloor St. location, I think this is my favourite. Copyright © KINKA FAMILY INC. all rights reserved, Kinton Is Now Serving Triple the Ramen in Montreal, Here Are The Best Hidden Coffee Shops In Toronto Where You Can Study In Peace, The Best Cafes on the East Side of Toronto. The Assorted Oden ($7.50) is a sizzling hot pot full of strangely shaped treats. . Can't find better ones in Toronto yet. “Guu is Guuu’d!”-For your daily re-charging spot-ー今日も一日お疲れさま。でもこれからが本番です!ー Guu is known as the first Izakaya (Japanese tapas) establishment in Vancouver, offering the most authentic real izakaya experience to Vancouver locals. The service was very friendly throughout the evening, though things got a bit hectic as the place filled up. A large disc of taro jelly, a hollow tube of puffed fish cake and a hard-boiled egg are some of the delicacies floating in the steamy broth. Within a few minutes, three deep-fried wedges of double cream brie arrive at our table, the buttery cheese soaking in a pool of mango sauce. Chazuke ($6) is a traditional Japanese dish made with rice and a simple kombu dashi broth, served with a rotating selection of toppings. Overwhelmed, we select items at random, certain we will not be disappointed. if you would like to update this message.

Allusions to a "fancy Japanese Lick's" are heard on more than one occasion. This new addition to the KINTON RAMEN family marks our third Quebec location.

Delicious Japanese, giant steins of Saporo, and lots of yelling. Very fond of the Ramune sour, and the. ", "Lunch - tuna bowl, chicken karage (side), Edamame (side) are excellent", "Classic pub environment with leather seats and all, but the roasted chickpea salad was surprisingly delicious! Guu Izakaya is the first Toronto outpost of the popular Guu group of restaurants from Vancouver. Guu SakaBar is the second Toronto location of the Vancouver-based Izakaya franchise. Given the COVID-19 pandemic, call ahead to verify hours, and remember to practice social distancing, "Must try the bang bang chicken salad and the, Wow, just Wow! Having been to Guu on Robson in Vancouver, It was louder than a night club on a Friday night.

Guests will enjoy an array of traditional and modern specialties made for sharing including our daily specials. They receive the order and cheer, of course. We went early this past Saturday for dinner to ensure we got a seat. The best way to experience the food is to go with a few friends and order a bunch of dishes as most of them are designed for easy sharing. But inside, it's a party - quite literally. natto For truly adventurous eaters, they even offer one dish with Throughout our meal, we witness four different birthdays, manifested through frenzied productions led by staff - as servers hand out shooters to those being fĂŞted, their cheers become songs and the whole restaurant gets involved. Formly known as Guu Izakaya, Kinka has been one of my favourite restaurants in Toronto. It's tough to fault them for that though, as the chaotic energy is all part of the charm.

Download Foursquare for your smart phone and start exploring the world around you! Load Formerly Guu, they've launched their 3 locations under the new name.

Each of our locations showcase a new menu item for every day of the month so … All trademarks are properties of their respective owners. Raucous Japanese greetings will welcome (sometimes startle) newcomers to this new izakya restaurant from the Vancouver based chain so popular out West.

From the sidewalk, Guu SakaBar's facade is an austere brick wall with the look and feel of a sophisticated bunker. American Express & MasterCard), The 15 Best Places for Seafood in Toronto, The 15 Best Places with Good Service in Toronto. Finally, we tried the yakiudon ($8), a plate of panfried udon noodles and beef with green onions and a tasty, umami-filled sauce.

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This location has rebranded from Guu Izakaya to Kinka Izakaya.

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Izakaya, the traditional Japanese tapas concept, explodes with bona-fide flavour at this charming downtown pub. ", "The maguro tataki and gyu carpaccio are excellent!!

Luckily, the dessert options all seem delicious. Then it was somebody's birthday and it became rock. KINKA FAMILY has been commited to serving the best with extraordinary and authentic Japanese cuisine. You can unsubscribe anytime or.

Try the almond tofu for dessert too!

Packed on Weekends, Young Crowd, Great Restaurant, Tasty, Nice Place, Delicious Food, CA$55 for two people (approx.) A pinch of nori seaweed adds color and texture to what ends up being our favourite fare of the night. ", 600 Bloor St. W (btwn Markham St. & Palmerston Ave.), "This is the perfect place for quality time and wholesome fun. Wonderful servers, delicious food, excellent selection of drinks. Colourful blocks of blowtorched salmon, scallops, anago and saba oshizushi topped w/ ikura, tobiko, cucumber, cherry tomato, and scallions. Would 100% come back, this place is awesome! 唐揚げ karagge is awesome.

Must have. Great food, great ambiance and funny cool loudy, This is my fav restaurant in the city mostly bc the food is amazing and they have washroom slippers but also bc the. comments, Sign up for our free email newsletter so you're always in the know. Just like Church Street's Without alcohol.

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Mosaic Sushi.

A great place for small groups.

The topping of the day was salmon when we visited, and the dish had a nice clean seafood flavour that was the most "traditionally Japanese" of the dishes we tried. Is this your business?

We share the Green Tea Cheesecake ($4), which narrowly wins our favour over the Almond Tofu ($3.50) and the Sake Tiramisu ($5).

KINKA FAMILY has been commited to serving the best with extraordinary and authentic Japanese cuisine. Great if you love this style food. COVID update: KINKA IZAKAYA ORIGINAL has updated their hours, takeout & delivery options. Founded in 2009, KINKA FAMILY was established with an aim to revolutionize Japanese hospitality experiences. Kimchi pork udon is delicious. Please contact the business directly for more information about any changes. The Daikon Salad ($6) is an eclectic and refreshing mix of juicy pieces of radish and cucumber, tender jellyfish and deep-fried potato slivers. It's located in an otherwise unassuming strip mall on Church Street, though the striking design and warm atmosphere give it a distinctively cool vibe once inside. Founded in 2009, KINKA FAMILY was established with an aim to revolutionize Japanese hospitality experiences. Our server gave us about two seconds to admire the presentation before digging in and mixing it all together into a big, delicious mess. The ribs were well seasoned with a bit of sweetness, but didn't quite stack up to the two previous dishes. Guu Sakabar is open from 5 p.m. to 12 p.m., Monday to Thursday, from 4 p.m. to 1 a.m., Friday to Saturday and from 4 p.m. to midnight on Sunday.

The excitement continues as today marks the grand opening of KINTON RAMEN STE-CATHERINE O. 1624 reviews of KINKA IZAKAYA ORIGINAL "KONBAN WA?!!! The Kimchi Udon ($7.80) is a bed of deliciously firm udon noodles in a creamy sauce, topped with a mix of kimchi and spicy cod roe.

The cheer that erupts when we walk through the door prompts us to think we've arrived at a shindig held in our honour. Get ready for a hell of a greeting when you enter this place. , Guu SakaBar is a blast from the moment you enter until the second you step back onto the street. We welcomed not one, but, TWO KINTON RAMEN additions. Huge portions too. They make you feel special when you come in and when you leave. I was lucky enough to be invited to the grand re-openings of the hottest Japanese Tapas chain in the city, Kinka Izakaya. 473 reviews of KINKA IZAKAYA ANNEX "I'd been to the other Guu location, and was excited to hear that a 2nd location was opening. Great place for birthdays, get the Seven Samurai special and you'll get a, Be prepared for a big warm welcome! You can unsubscribe anytime or.

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