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← 4th of 10 released in LD → Boimler only seems flustered that Mariner had everything that Boimler had been striving to achieve, and never cared about it. ", acoustic guitar; admiral; air; airlock; alien; amplitudes; Andorian; anti-grav sled; ants; artifact; ascension; assignment; back; Bajoran; Barcelona; barstools; beam; beige; Benzite; bet; birthday; biofilter; *bleep* filter; biorhythm; Bolian; brain; breakfast; breathing apparatus; bridge; bridge duty; Caitian; California-class decks; captain; captain's log; captain's ready room; carbon; carbon filter; carbon polymer dust; Cerritos, USS; chair; chakra; chance; child; coffee; colorful metaphor; combadge; commander; command prep; computer; conference room; Conference Room 5; coral; Corridor 89; court martial; crew; crew member; cryo unit; cultures; cyborg; dance; daughter; death; demotion; dick; doctor; duty; ecosystem; element; emergency force field; emergency transport; energy; ensign; environmental controls; environmental irregularity; evasive maneuver alpha; Federation debris-clearing tool; florka; flux; friends (best friend); fritters; game; gates; generation ship ("ancient generation ship"); gnocchi; hands; headphones; hero; Hiverian metronome; holodeck; "holy *bleep*"; hour; hull; hull breach; humidity; Iberian Peninsula; Illinois, USS; impulse relays; incense; information; inorganic material; jerk; job; jugulars; killing; kiss; Klingon prison; koala; Latin language; leather; lie; lieutenant; lieutenant commander; lieutenant junior grade; life; life support; Lincoln, Abraham; "live long and prosper"; lobster ravioli; lunch; macaroni and cheese; main deflector; management training; medal; meditation; meeting; Merced, USS; mess hall; microphone; mind; mission audit; mom (mommy); month; Moriarty, James; mummy; museums; music; notes; officers' lounge; ops; Orion; PADD; Parizene gas; particle cloud; peninsula; people; pip; playing cards; poker; polymer; power fluctuations; prayers; pressure; Prime Directive; promotion; pronunciation; pudding; Q; quarters; radiation; red alert; reiki; replicator; replicator programs; respect; reversion; rock; rules; rust; sacrifice; sand (colorful sand); sand laying tools; sand mandala; sarcasm; scatting; secret; senior officer access card; senior officers; sensors (long-range sensors); shale; singing; sir; sitting; ship; sleep; smiling; songs; sound; Spacedock-type (unnamed); stardate; Starfleet; Starfleet insignia; Starfleet uniform; stasis chamber; status update; sunglasses; temperature; taco; Tamarians; Tellarite; terraform cloud; terraforming (terraformation); terraforming emulsion (molecular fluid, terraforming fluid); thing; thought; threat; time; tow sector; tractor beam; transfer request; transferring; transporter; transporter room; Traveler, the; tricorder; Trill; turbolift; type 2 phaser; Tzutchian gong; "United Federation of Characters, The"; universe; vacation days; ventilation system; villain; VISOR (device); visor (eyewear); vocal jazz; Vulcan; Vulcan salute; work; yawn; years.

Noël Wells as Ensign Tendi

Mariner and Freeman exit a Jefferies tube, and are happy to see the environmental controls are still online. [1], Created by Mike McMahan, the series is an adult animation comedy produced in association with Titmouse, Inc. and forms part of Alex Kurtzman's five-year deal with CBS to expand the Star Trek franchise. Ensign D'Vana Tendi runs over and excitedly explains how she's about to watch the ascension of one of the crew. Lower Decks is the first original animated series commissioned by CBS All Access, as well as the first produced by the new CBS animation arm, CBS Eye Animation Productions, and was announced in October 2018, with All Access committing to a two-season order. Basierend auf dem Konzept der TNG-Folge Beförderung (im englischen "Lower Decks") wollte Mike McMahan eine Serie schaffen, die sich nicht um die Führungsoffiziere dreht. Freeman assures him that her crew is the finest in Starfleet, only for Mariner to let out another loud yawn, much to Freeman's annoyance.

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