mimic vat edh

I love the vat. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. It's potentially powerful, but not consistent. http://magiccards.info/query?q=mimic+vat&v=card&s=cname. Mimic vat can get pretty crazy but I would not say it is broken. Artifacts are fragile and if vat is ruining games for your playgroup you need more artifact hate. I've had occasion to imprint an Academy Rector onto a Mimic Vat along with a sac outlet. I am a little confused on how Mimic Vat now works with the resent changes to how commanders die and move in to the command zone. welp i got nothing good on the ole mimic vat to copy, so im going to ruin your chances, hope you tutor that gate to phyrexia soon! I once won a game by imprinting it with an opponent's. I then remade the deck into a B U R elemental deck featuring Vat … Yes, dies happens when the creature enters the graveyard from the battlefield. If you can get something crazy on it, it can be pretty crazy. Deathmantle gets rekt by graveyard hate. The only time it was a problem was when a Sylvan Primordial was put on it.

Probably not. What are people's experiences with Mimic Vat? I finally have one them fancy shmancy Signatures. this... i loath mimic vat for this ability alone. I play it in my decks that can either kill creatures often (Mono white with all those board wipes), can use the token (populate), or a deck that has and wants to repeatedly recur fat to sacrifice (jarad). http://www.commandercast.com/category/articles/generally-speaking.

I don't think so. etc. Not even close to broken.

I've taken a break from Mimic Vat lately. I love setting up things like vat, archon of justice, sac outlet or avenger of zen. It's on the "can't get angry" list when it gets blown up. r/EDH: Reddit's #1 source for EDH and Commander content. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. It might involve. My decks that use it have been stifled and unable to draw or play it well, so I'm still unsure if it's going to be a thing or not. If I have a [[mimic vat]] or a [[nim deathmantle]] and a creature I control dies, does that creature last long enough in the graveyard to be targeted by a [[scavenging ooze]] or a [[withered wretch]]? The most it did for me was allow for some silly Solemn Simulacrum shenanigans. It's incredibly inconsistent, but it's utility is too good to ignore.

It's just soo much better if you can sac/kill things to get constant value out of it.

There are cards that need banning in EDH far more than that (like Necropotence and Knowledge Pool), and even then, the case for banning those far more degenerate cards is shaky at best.

Mimic Vat is strong, but not broken. Mimic Vat is not inherently broken it just occasionally gets some broken things put under it. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Riku, ETB Champion & Oloro, Ultimate Control, Kytheon, Nath, Kiki-Jiki, Azami, Stonebrow. : Create a token that's a copy of the exiled card. Also sometimes it just sits there waiting for removal or a wrath to take out a non-commander worth vatting. It's very easy to take care of, and spitting out at most 2 tokens at a time rarely causes any issues.

That said, we all play enough artifact hate that it never became an issue.

We don't really ban many things in the format because it would take forever and we have a playgroup policy. Not only does it have a lot of tech synergies within your own deck (Sad Robot being just one of many,) it also can target opponents creatures hitting the graveyard. If you have to wait for an opponent to kill something then It's not so good. Does [[Anafenza, the Foremost]] completely hose those two cards?

I've had it in all of my decks at one point or another, but it never did anything particularly good. I've had a set of Mimic Vat's for quite some time now and I love the card.However, I just can't find the right deck for them. Vat is only an above par artifact. Nim Deathmantle and Mimic Vat say 'whenever' so it's a … Deadeye Navigator is broken.

1/1/2011 If the token isn’t exiled when the delayed triggered ability resolves (due to Stifle, perhaps), it remains on the battlefield indefinitely. If an instant speed effect exiles the creature from the graveyard in response to the "enters the graveyard" trigger then the exile ability will go on the stack and resolve first. The ability goes on the stack and can be responded to by any instant-speed abilities or spells. It isn't an inherently broken card, it just tends to be used in broken ways, such as replicating a Terrastadon, or Prime Time before he was banned. Mimic Vat Artifact Imprint — Whenever a nontoken creature is put into a graveyard from the battlefield, you may exile that card. What do you or your playgroup think of Mimic Vat?

I will be typing up deck lists as soon as I an be bothered, I really only play EDH: Mimic Vat is one of those cards, I slot into a deck when I don't have the card I need. Mimic Vat is so underrated in my opinion. Mimic vat is a good card in most edh decks, but is easily destroyed\exiled, so i dont really see an issue with it. Yes, dies happens when the creature enters the graveyard from the battlefield. My group sort of overreacts to it and it is commonly killed on sight. I love setting up things like vat, archon of justice, sac outlet or avenger of zen. But my group's been very sensitive over the vat after I got two vats on the battlefield(with metamorph) and had. © 2020 MagicFind, Inc. All rights reserved. Other cards such as Anafenza, Kalitas, and Leyline of the Void are replacement effects that cause the card to go to exile rather than being put into the graveyard.

So long as there are creatures, and Magic developers continue to staple "when X enters the battlefield" on every creature without printing more Torpor Orbs, Mimic Vat will continue to increase in strength. Is Mimic Vat broken in EDH/FFA games?

I just came here to say that you used "crazy" 3x in the first 2 sentences. If Mimic Vat’s second ability is activated during a turn’s end step, the token will be exiled at the beginning of the following turn’s end step.

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