once upon a time season 5 episode 19 recap

“Well, I’m much worse.” And just like that, Zelena’s been kidnapped, which means whatever animosity Hades has for the band of heroes laying in wait in his lair is probably going to reach a fever pitch because who else will he blame for her disappearance? How Grey's Anatomy's Ellen Pompeo and [Spoiler] Teamed Up to Deliver That 'Fan Candy' in Season Premiere, NCIS Bosses Preview Season 18's Backward Time Jump, Episode 400's Young Returns and [Spoiler]'s Exit, Have You Forgiven Baby Yoda Yet? With the dreary vintage tune that’s blaring right now, it might seem like something wicked is afoot (again, considering the company), but it turns out the two are simply out and about for a relatively innocent picnic by a fire pit — kinda romantic, really — where Hades has a little proposal for his lady love.

Meanwhile, James and Cruella are prepared to kill Emma and Robin by shooting them and throwing them off the docks. Zelena’s at home staring at the dead flower Hades gave her when Cora knocks on the door. They argue over lack of privacy, Zelena not saying no to Hades’ chaos question, and what’s best for Zelena in the long run.

Siblings take the spotlight and Zelena/Regina learn a huge secret. “If she’s my sister, shouldn’t we be a family?” asks Regina.

Regina badly wants to have a sister in her life, but Cora sends Zelena away. I thought that love — any kind of love — was weakness. The title should have been ‘Brothers and Sisters,’ as David’s forced into dealing with his evil twin who’s holding a massive grudge. Cruella and James plan to throw Emma and Robin into the River of Souls but are saved by David and Hook just before it's too late. “I hear you’re wicked,” Pan teases Zelena. Such is the case for sisters Regina and Zelena and twin brothers David and James, each of whom grew up in highly unequal circumstances and have been at odds with one another ever since. David offers a truce to King James, and Cruella’s calling for her “Jimmy” to peace out before something bad happens to them. The brothers fight, and David is ultimately forced to push James into the water, condeming him forever. Ahhh, but that’s the surprise then, isn’t it? Look who’s finally paying her visit after all these years?! —Regina to Zelena "Sisters" is the nineteenth episode of Season Five of ABC's Once Upon a Time. In the Underworld, Zelena prepares to take down Regina, telling her they’ll never be on the same side. reserved.PMC Entertainment. Not many women would be enthusiastic about a brown, wilted flower but since it was a gift from Hades, Zelena’s getting gobs of feels over it until she gets a fateful knock at the door. S7 E22 Recap ... Once Upon a Time recap: Henry Mills falls for Rumple's trap. That’s when Cora goes out in search of Zelena, a young girl from the Land of Oz whose magic is clearly strong but suppressed by her oppressive father. NEXT: True love’s kiss will do the trick…, Regina meets up with Cora (who’s happy to take a break from all the flour bag-slinging below) to discuss the Zelena-Hades dilemma.

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