past perfect continuous activities

Divide the students into groups of four and give each student a card. question2[i].style.color = "red"; Usually very different! After that, students answer questions with their own ideas using the negative form of the past perfect continuous.

They have to make a sentence using a past tense verb. Learn how to do this here: Telling a Story, the Better Way for ESL Students. alert ("You have scored " + correctanswers + " out of 5." This versatile ESL game is ideal for helping students remember names, new vocabulary, or in this case, grammar. For example: fit / fiteval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'eslspeaking_org-leader-3','ezslot_19',159,'0','0'])); Then, print out the cards and cut them up.

This cause and effect worksheet helps students learn how to use the past perfect continuous to communicate cause and effect. Students then move on to answer comprehension questions about the story using full past perfect continuous sentences. Finally, students complete sentences with their own ideas using the past perfect or past perfect continuous. Each person takes a turn drawing a card and then shares what they had been doing for that length of time before any other event.

This section is home to our ESL worksheets, activities and games focusing on the past perfect continuous. Activities for Kids. If a few cards remain that cannot be combined together, students can add to each sentence half with their own ideas. Check out this ESL activity book for yourself over on Amazon, but only if you want to get yourself a serious dose of ESL teaching awesome in your life: What are your thoughts about these ESL games and activities to help your students with the past tense? Learn more here: English Central (ESL YouTube). Or, I’ll have statements in the past tense and students have to come up with the correct question. Check it out here: Dictogloss ESL Activity. Instead, if you choose to use a reading passage to introduce this grammar point, why not remove some of the key words, in this case many of the verbs.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'eslspeaking_org-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_12',134,'0','0'])); Have a list of possible choices, and students can work together with a partner to fill in the blanks. function giveanswers1() { ESL video lesson with an interactive quiz: Grammar practice . Note: in questions 1 - 4 above, the past perfect simple is also possible. So, if a remaining sentence half uses the past perfect continuous, the student completes the sentence with 'when' and a past simple sentence half of their own, or vice versa. They are: If you need a little brush up on English grammar when teaching the past tense, no problem. Students then fill in gaps in a story using verbs from a box in the past perfect continuous tense. All the students have to stand up and then you can say a verb in the present tense. The past tense in English, it’s a classic grammar point that appears in almost every single ESL textbook in publication! Students can often get in the habit of reading dialogues mindlessly and basically taking nothing in. Past perfect continuous exercises. For example, ‘I had been studying at the university’. Download fun and engaging printable ESL worksheets, activities and games for teachers of English as a Second Language to use in the classroom.

Explaining the Past Perfect Continuous on the Board. if (correctanswers < 8) {message = " Mistakes are in red - why not try again? var altAnswer1 = ["it had been raining", "she had been studying", "he had been using", "we had not been listening", "had he been drinking"];

She hadn’t eaten dinner before going to bed. correctanswers=0; Had you seen you Dad before going out to play soccer?

Teaching this tense should be relatively easy as students will be familiar with the concepts from having learned the present perfect continuous and the future perfect continuous. Then you’ll certainly want to direct them to these sources for online practice: Teaching the simple past requires a context. Write several lengths of time on small slips of paper (one year, two weeks, six month, ten minutes, etc.). You’ll be able to find what you’re looking for in seconds. In this printable past continuous and past perfect continuous worksheet, students learn how the past perfect continuous is different from the past continuous when expressing progressive actions in the past.

At that point, they compare with the original. There are 4 ESL past tenses that you’ll want to point out to your students. Here is a free past perfect continuous worksheet for intermediate students to use in class. Check out this short video below for 10 more activities and games that your students will love: For more advanced level students, you may want to try out dictogloss. Interactive Version - In this free past perfect continuous interactive worksheet, students complete a range of exercises to learn and practice the past perfect continuous tense. Watch a short video and choose between Past Perfect Simple and Past Perfect Continuous

Students begin with a gap-fill exercise where they complete past perfect continuous sentences using verbs in brackets. When the students have finished, have them read their stories to the class and give feedback. If their partner says no, they can try another sentence, or move onto another person. I went to school. I love to play board games in real life, and also like to use them with my students because they’re one of the best interactive ESL activities. Instead, we recommend checking out some of our favourite resources: Are your students looking for some extra practice with the ESL past tense? The past perfect progressive often stresses the length of time a person had been doing a certain activity. } Here is a free past perfect continuous worksheet for intermediate students to use in class. } var question2 = [document.frmTwo.Q1, document.frmTwo.Q2, document.frmTwo.Q3, document.frmTwo.Q4, document.frmTwo.Q5, document.frmTwo.Q6, document.frmTwo.Q7, document.frmTwo.Q8];

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