refrigerated milk and cream dispenser

The disposable straws for both options are required for the unit to operate and must be purchased separately. The estimated order arrival time for each item includes the time it takes to process and pack your order, and the transit time of the shipping method you choose. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Silver King 115V 60Hz 1.5A 315 btu/hr C… These units are not only hands-free but also reduce waste through its dripless operation. Chilled Milk Milk is chilled to 41° or lower, ready to be dispensed with the push of a button into coffee or tea. © 2020 Cuda Zoo, LLC. Single. Silver King has been the leader in Milk Dispensers for over 60 years. spills. Optional POS Decal Packages available. View All Restaurants & Shops Subcategories, Cretors 12 oz POPPI12DF-F-X Hot Air Popper Free Standing 208V, VKI Eccellenza Touch Screen 2 Bean - 3 Powders Coffee System, Grindmaster 1.5 Gallon Stainless Steel Coffee Shuttle, Frieling 0601 MilkChiller Half Gallon Milk Refrigerator Dispenser, Pre-Order starts shipping on:  {{preorder_ship_date}}, Our estimate for shipping & delivery is  {{estimated_shipping_time}}, Product Type: MilkChiller 2 Quart Milk Refrigerator and Dispenser, Product Dimensions: 13.7"L x 7.75"W x 13"H, Applications: Refrigerates and dispenses milk, Capacity: Half gallon standard milk carton, or 1.7 L refillable container, Dishwasher Safe: Refillable container Yes, top rack, LCD Display: Shows milk temperature in ° C and F, SERVICE if temperature is unsafe, Identifies milk type inside with 8 dairy product choices and 5 languages, Refillable plastic insert can be cleaned in the dishwasher, Option of using a half gallon carton or refillable plastic milk carafe, LCD display shows type of milk and when milk level is low, Convenient, sanitary way to offer milk for coffee, Slanted design ensures that every drop of milk is used, reducing waste and loss of profits, Keeps milk at 41° or less, the safe temperature as prescribed by the Food & Beverage Associate of America, Much less expensive than using single serve cups or the bag in box method for serving dairy, Keeps milk or milk alternatives chilled, ready to be added to coffee, Refillable plastic container is dishwasher safe, Unique milk refrigerator and dispenser combo is unlike anything else on the market. Please Note: The 0601 is compatible with paper milk cartons or with the optional refillable milk container. Help Eliminates pilferage and excess creamer usage while reducing Serve up a gourmet coffee experience with custom-crafted beverages. Frieling's MilkChiller provides a convenient, inexpensive solution for serving dairy. Manual Operation Refrigerated Milk and Cream Dispensers - None Powered: These innovative low cost dispensers do not require a power supply. All orders are processed and shipped during our normal business hours (Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., excluding holidays). The Frieling 0601 MilkChiller milk refrigerator and dispenser is designed so the milk container sits at an angle.    Site Map Includes digital temperature display and The machine can be used for any type of dairy or non-dairy milk. LCD display blinks SERVICE if temperature is unsafe, displays temperature in ° C or F, and identifies milk type. Optional Catch Tray and Safety Door Latch available. standard dairy bags. Browse our collection of refrigerated milk dispensers. Frieling MilkChiller Half Gallon Milk Refrigerator & Dispenser Stainless Steel.    Pressure Brewing Always have fresh, chilled milk available for coffee and espresso drinks with the Frieling 0601 MilkChiller 2 quart milk refrigerator and dispenser.

Also works for one touch cappuccino machines to keep your milk refrigerated. Something went wrong. The ice packs keep milk and cream cool for up to 8 hours. Drink Every Last Drop The Frieling 0601 MilkChiller milk refrigerator and dispenser is designed so the milk container sits at an angle. The Frieling MilkChiller is the only refrigerator-dispenser combination of its kind on the market.

bags. Our units provide easy access to the temperature indicator and adjustable temp options. Your Business. Non-Drip Dispense System prevents product waste and countertop Attract loyal, profit-boosting regulars by serving up the perfect cup. Using very little power, the Frieling 0601 milk refrigerator and dispenser keeps milk completely sanitary and enclosed. * Height measurement with standard 1" All rights reserved. Customize to feature your })(); Manual Operation Time. Note: Refillable Containers not available with AC20-SS or AC210-SS NSF 20 and UL endorsed. At only 8 1/4" wide, it is the smallest dual hopper milk and cream dispenser. company logo, message, or advertisement to maximize After you place your order, you can track delivery status in your ShopperOne. 2.5" and 4" legs also available. _gaq.push(['_setAccount', 'UA-42168677-1']); Case Caddy for standard dairy bags or Refillable Containers. Milk Dispensers. profitability in high traffic areas. Improves speed of service and convenience for both your Your browser does not support script, Services    Opportunities Standard warranty is one year, on-site parts & labor.

Available with Bag-In-Box-compatible Product Box Ramp, Product    Catering Learn More. ** Fill-In-Place capability with Refillable Containers only. : Optional Catch Tray, Safety Door Latch and standard or custom Decals Technical Assistance Center support. function Go(){return} customers and staff. containers that may be easily filled in place.

*** Accomodates 10 litre center spout dairy

This refrigerated Milk and Cream dispenser is ideal for any condiment stand. Every. Keeps the area clean. Easy to operate, consumer-friendly design. _gaq.push(['_trackPageview']); This ensures that every last drop of milk is used, reducing waste and extra expense.

Reliable refrigeration system ensures consistent product quality Refrigerated Milk and Cream Dispensers. The Frieling MilkChiller milk refrigerator and dispenser installs in minutes.

Advanced LCD Display Get Technical Support . Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. Optional "Fill-In-Place" capability features clear plastic Milk is chilled to 41° or lower, ready to be dispensed with the push of a button into coffee or tea. legs installed. overall dairy costs. Quick-Serve Restaurant. 00

Our dispensers …    Service Centres

Power supply is available optional. var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(ga, s); Easy Installation Convenience Store. Our price CA$ 999.00.    About Us USA and Canada-wide Technical Service Network with lifetime

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