removing cake layers from pan

If you plan to make you cake layers more than a few days in advance, I highly recommend doubling up to protect your cake layers from freezer burn. That’s awesome, I’m sure it will be delicious! Yay! I wanted to ask about the tall cakes i used a 4 inches wide cake pan and added almost 6 to 7 layers after the whole decorating my cake fell down also i added bubble tee straws too but idk it started falling from one side and then all in a go. I love your recipes! Ok, I have a beginner's question for you today. I just place them back into the freezer, on cardboard cake rounds to ensure they freeze flat. I have a question: Is it okay to leave the cakes (already leveled and sliced to size) overnight, wrapped in plastic wrap on the counter if I’m going to be assembling the cake the next day?

Should I level my layers before I freeze my cake layers? I have to take the cupcakes to a party but it’ll be a hot summer day and I don’t want them to melt before we get there! If the wedding is on Saturday but I’m planning to thaw on Wednesday and decorate on Thursday and deliver it on Friday. The cake layers just need to be firm to the touch, so that they’re easy to trim! Thanks in advance!!

simple syrup is a mixture made of equal parts water and sugar, that is heated up to dissolve the sugar. For a medium texture/density cake ie butter cakes/yellow cakes wait about 5-10 mins for the cake to settle before removing it from the pan. I was hoping to at least fill and crumb coat it and then decorate it later this week. Regular butter cakes (or cake mix cakes) -set the timer for ten minutes and turn out when it rings. After that, remove the pan from your cake carefully. I’d recommend letting your leveled layers thaw for about 30 minutes (give or take for bigger or smaller layers), and soak them in simple syrup before frosting and assembling your tiers. So for freezing and you want to cut the cake in half to freeze it to essentially make it two layers of the cake instead of one.

After about 30 minutes, once the pans are cool to the touch, I remove my cake layers from my pans by gently tapping the pans upside-down on my counter, and carefully removing the layers with my hands. Or after I thaw them? Sorry for this dump question, but what is simple syrup? why is the cake not light … it is heavy in weight … does it depend on temperature??? 10 min.

I use parchment paper in most cake pans and wait until the cakes are room temp before removing. once a cake is frosted, the buttercream will lock in all the moisture and keep the layers fresh!

Then I was told to let the cake cool in the pan for about 15 minutes (until the pan can be touch with bare hands).

This minimizes any shifting of your cake layers as you add a crumb coat. I adore cakecentral. Usually I say frost right before serving them, but I totally get that it can be hard with the summer heat <3. You may withdraw your consent at any time. Thanks! humidity can be tough! This is such an interesting hobby. . Put one hand on the cooling rack and slide with the other hand under bundt pan. IF your cake has a dome, remove the dome before turning out onto a cooling rack or the cake may "split". And you are too sweet I really try to make my recipes delicious yet doable/ simple (not that a pastry chef like you needs that component :P) Haha thank you for the kind words! Hi Jane! You can either keep it in your fridge, or your freezer. leave spong cakes until cool down completly in the pan and then remove. Honestly, they tasted as good as on day one! Your recipes are out of this world and so awesome. Then wrapped in Syran wrap… then foil.. then in a large rubbermaid container. Just one question, you mentioned making the frosting in advanced too.

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