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Steppenwolf was born billions of years ago, on the distant planet Apokolips as a New God, alongside his nephew Darkseid, who rules over the planet. You may think you know Earth 2... but this is DC Comics – The New 52, where anything can happen! I'll die before I tell you! Resembling a kind of extraterrestrial gargoyle in his meeting with Lex Luthor in the Batman v Superman 's Ultimate Edition, Steppenwolf was given a much more humanoid makeover for Justice League, with even his …

Cyborg Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Prequel, Birds of Prey (And The Fantabulous Emancipation of one Harley Quinn),, Steppenwolf grabs the sinking Mother Box and flees with his prize. In the continuity of that parallel world, Steppenwolf leads a massive invasion of the planet by Darkseid's parademons.

[3], In the present, the world is in mourning following the death of Superman, and sensing humanity's fear, Steppenwolf and his Parademons return to Earth to resume their hunt for the Mother Boxes through kidnapping several employees of S.T.A.R. Steppenwolf made contact with Luthor, joining in an alliance to seek out the three missing Mother Boxes that were hidden on Earth thousands of years ago. Labs might know about the location of the final Mother Box, Steppenwolf sent his Parademons to kidnap several people working for the labs, including Victor Stone's dad Silas Stone. Kang the Conqueror Explained: Who Is the Rumored Villain of Ant-Man 3? He seeks to be free of Apokolips' ruler, Darkseid, but Steppenwolf is neither foolish nor powerful enough to disobey his will or challenge him.[1]. Apokoliptian [2], As millennia passed, Steppenwolf would proceed to carry out Darkseid's bidding by invading and taking over other worlds.

: Steppenwolf is a New God who is the younger brother of Heggra and the uncle of Uxas (Darkseid). Doomsday escapes by stowing away on the Apokolips shuttle. Cheetah Explained: Who Is the Wonder Woman 1984 Villain? The original design was much closer to Steppenwolf's original design that was briefly teased in the Ultimate Edition of. [4], Having investigated the kidnappings and encountering a Parademon himself, Batman decides to move forward in recruiting his planned team of metahumans as he believes an invasion is coming. :

: However, feeling that scientists and personnel from S.T.A.R. The only things Steppenwolf seems to care about is returning to Apokolips after the exile, and regaining his standing among the New Gods. [7] Five years later, Steppenwolf is apparently hiding on Earth-2, and there is a $300 million reward for him. [4], Steppenwolf being attacked by the Parademons swarm. Apart from that, Steppenwolf is a tyrant just like his own nephew; he controls and commands over the Parademons with a powerful iron hand. First, he grabs a female employee and questioned her about the Mother Box's whereabouts. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. Following a brief battle against the Man of Steel, just when the League managed to have him controlled, they discovered that Steppenwolf had already gone ahead, seeing how he ascended to his spaceship with the third and final Mother Box. Despite this, Steppenwolf is an extremely powerful individual, possessing an incredibly powerful strength surpassing that of Wonder Woman's but not of Superman's.

Justice League (2017) Ciarán Hinds as Steppenwolf. Justice League: The Art of the Film With The New 52 reboot that followed the 2011 Flashpoint limited series, a new version of Earth-2 (home of the Justice Society of America) is introduced. Steppenwolf waged war against Earth's first line of defense, the Justice League, but was defeated during their final battle by the recently resurrected Superman. He appears to have an alien humanoid look, unlike the other Parademons. Labs, which are in possession of one of the boxes. Free ends up healing him, instead of killing him as he desires. [7] On Darkseid's orders,[2] Steppenwolf then began his journey to Earth to search for the Mother Boxes, bringing with him a vast army of Parademons. [8] Steppenwolf is seen as support for Darkseid when he moves to attack the Anti-Monitor.[9]. He has superhuman reflexes and a high degree of invulnerability, which increases with his battle armor and allows him to resist most physical and energetic attacks. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (UE; projection) Justice LeagueAquaman (mentioned)Zack Snyder's Justice League (unreleased) Mother... millennia in exile, searching, at last you call me home. : Indeed, when none of the kidnapped scientists are willing to reveal the Mother Boxes' location, Steppenwolf intends to murder them, only being stopped by the timely intervention of Flash and Cyborg. But you will scream. : Steppenwolf Unknown (JL)Deceased (ZSJL) This was Steppenwolf's first live-action cinematic appearance. Ultimately, however, while Steppenwolf successfully slays the Green Lantern, his invasion fails - his battleships are brought down by Artemis, and Ares wounds him in combat, while Zeus blasts apart the Unity, kills several Apokoliptian Priests, and defeats Steppenwolf, forcing the New God into retreat without enough time to collect the Mother Boxes.

Sensing this, Steppenwolf's Parademon army is again forced to drag their leader away from certain death. Darkseid's EliteDarkseid (formerly)Heggra 2017 (ZSJL) Labs employees about the final Mother Box. Steppenwolf was later killed by Brutaal moments after defeating the World Army and declaring himself master of Earth, independent of Darkseid. Steppenwolf returned to Earth 5 millennia later in search for the lost Mother Boxes after the death of Superman at the hands of Doomsday. Thus, Steppenwolf continued to serve Darkseid as the latter's right hand and continued to conquer and invade other worlds for him, eventually carrying out the Invasion of Earth. JL Cyborg then falls into the Knightcrawler and hacks it is under his control, which he uses it against Steppenwolf, but fails when Steppenwolf caught a missile and threw it against the wall, then caused the factory to flood and allows Steppenwolf himself to escape. Oh, I think I will. "Justice League Movie Villain is Steppenwolf Not Darkseid", "The Shadow of Superman Looms Large in New Justice League Trailer. Highfather later tracks down and kills Steppenwolf in retaliation, and the murder reignites the war between the two sides. However, Steppenwolf also has a grudging respect for individuals of exceptional bravery, like Silas Stone (who talks back to his threats) and Wonder Woman (who fearlessly battles him).

[4], Steppenwolf was hesitant to re-invade quickly, however, knowing that the Old Gods would only repel him again, so he bided his time, waiting until Earth was free of sufficiently powerful defenders. Steppenwolf had become old and tired after millennia of invading, taking over, and terraforming other worlds with the Unity, while also creating more Parademons from the native inhabitants. Despite the Amazons' efforts to escape with the Box or at least avoid Steppenwolf's destruction over the island, their defending ultimately failed.

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Deathdate It is believed that Warner Bros executives ordered Joss Whedon (who was also ordered to reshoot and recut Snyder's original cut of the film) to change Steppenwolf's design to make it more appealing to younger audiences. Steppenwolf Justice League (2017) Photo Gallery60 IMAGES.

You will *not* like your welcome! [4], Steppenwolf appears when Mister Miracle (Scott Free) gains godlike powers over life and death. While searching the remaining Mother Box, Steppenwolf discovered that the Justice League had used recently the last Mother Box to resurrect the deceased Superman.

3. 1. Steppenwolf later took control of the small country of Dherain after killing their king and set up plans to conquer the world.

Steppenwolf is an extremely ruthless, destructive, cold, and sinister being, showing neither fear nor mercy towards his enemies and prisoners, most notable in the fact that he utilizes the Unity to transform planets' native inhabitants into loyal and soulless Parademons.

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