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Firstly, and probably the most important difference, is that they replace the Sapele back and sides with Solid Koa on the back and Laminate Koa on the sides. I have my GD30CE-12 as a test subject- I have been switching out strings (glad to known the tension limits now)- the RegMex set-up sounds very interesting and would love to HEAR my songs would sound like that. Someone's getting a sweet all-mahogany guitar. Local music shops in my area didn’t have any TC132SC in stock, so I couldn’t try it.

Download 110 Takamine Guitar PDF manuals.

Takamine have a very simple formula with these guitars – basically the same general specs but they offer it in different shapes and some with cutaways and some without.

They work well, and I lubricate them from time to time when I change strings to make the process of tuning a bit smoother. These sets are all within a safe margin, and you may find others that also won't cause damage to your guitar.

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But for Regional Mexican styles, players prefer to have all of the strings set up in courses of two identical unison pitches, as opposed to the traditional octave courses. I play for TC132SC and TF740FS in 50/50 proportion, both plugged in and non-amplified, and am still a very satisfied player. String Height At 12th Fret. This is the 3rd of them. This is the 1 st of them – it’s the lowest price point for their pro series – but they do have lower priced instruments in other series – …

And it will eventually require maintenance. Another very similar but more expensive Takamine classical guitar, TH-5C, has solid rosewood sides. Adirondack Spruce? The P3NC is also very similar to the other models when it comes to the specs – with the major difference being that it has Takamine’s NEX shape.

I don’t hear sound from pickup, so I assume that Rik used an external microphone connected to Roland AC40 acoustic amplifier, and then used DI output from the amp to some sort of digital audio workstation (aka DAW) for recording. In addition to the improvements described above, I shaved a little bit more off the saddle, got the excellent playability and some light string buzz. PLEK did a VERY, VERY good job on frets leveling, crowning, and polishing. This is a small bodied guitar that is basically their version of the “parlor” shape. Takamine TF740FS Wide Neck Acoustic Guitar, External Power Supply for Takamine Cool Tube, lower the action (sand down a saddle just a bit), add two extra side dots at 15th and 17th frets, polish the edges of the nut – they were a bit sharp to me, Height from 1st fret top to bottom of 6th string: 0.02″, or 0.5 mm, Height from 1st fret top to bottom of 1st string: 0.03″, or 0.76 mm, Height from 12th fret top to bottom of 6th string: 0.09″, or ~2.3 mm, Height from 12th fret top to bottom of 1st string: 0.08″, or 2 mm, Height from 12th fret top to bottom of 6th string, capo on the 1st fret: 0.08″, or 2 mm, Height from 12th fret top to bottom of 1st string, capo on the 1st fret: 0.07″, or 1.78 mm, Action at the 1st fret: 0.03″ for the 6th string, 0.24″ for the 1st string (0.76mm and 0.61mm), Action at the 12th fret: 0.156″ for the 6th string and 0.125″ for the 1st string (3.96mm and 3.18mm). As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

I like to hear a balance between the punchy sound of the high strings and solid mellow bass line – and I heard it at that day and thereafter. I believe initially it was equipped with CT4DX preamp.

Six years later, it still sounds and plays very well.

Solid Sapele Back 4. Working with acclaimed player/producer Pete Thorn, Holly Henderson just needed one more thing to complete her musical journey.

During the procedure, a qualified guitar luthier files the nut to the width needed for the wider strings used in unison courses. Is there a difference between acoustics with 12 frets clear of the body versus 14? I will take a look at the specs of each guitar in the series and the similarities and differences between them. Apart from some differences in detailing (which are only cosmetic differences) – that’s pretty much the only difference.

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Here is a very nice classical tune played by Rik Roberts. Otherwise, it has the same specs as the P3DC. BTW- Silk and Steel strings - very comfortable to play. And it will eventually require maintenance. Starting with the non-cutaway dreadnought of the P3 family. Very nice mid-high range though. It was a 2010 Christmas sales season, and I pulled the trigger. Like the P1D, the P3D has the pin-less bridge and split saddle that are unique to Takamine and the slightly narrower than normal neck width. From another side, it has all attributes of the modern guitar, such as cutaway and electronics.

let’s check out the details for the guitars and their similarities and differences.

His Takamine is several years old and has CoolTube CTP1 preamp. This video is a fast capture ‘on the fly’.

Cutaway: No 13.

Moderate temperatures and a 40- to 60-percent humidity level are optimal for your guitar. Keep it under 10 percent extra. All guitars are built to withstand a certain amount of string tension on the neck.

The P3NY is the Pro Series 3 guitar in Takamine’s New Yorker shape. Other String ChoicesIf you don't use D'Addario strings, here are some more six-string sets from other manufacturers and their combined tension using two sets: • GHS Ultra Light Phosphor Bronze (.010-.046): 232.6 pounds• GHS Extra Light Thin-Core (.011-.046): 243.6 pounds• Elixir Extra Light Phosphor Bronze Nanoweb (.010-.047): 270 pounds. I am glad I bought it, PLEKed it, and I like playing it very much. I think that the most TC132SC owners won’t need to do that, but my perfectionism didn’t let me to ignore it anymore.

Actually, I already tested it with my gypsy jazz Saga Gitane D500 guitar a few years before and was very impressed by the results. It's the time of year for dry weather to be detrimental to your acoustic guitar. Read more. 1.675” (42.5mm) nut width 10.

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