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1. But before we ever get there, it can have a potentially more significant negative impact in many work-related settings including professional networking opportunities and, crucially, at job interviews. Now that you see how to deconstruct a skill to reveal additional skills, let’s repeat that exercise and go deeper. You can follow this simple format to put together your list: “[Insert Type of Person/Company] would probably want to learn how to [Insert Skill].”. These are pretty self explanatory, if you have a skill that is related to the job you are after then highlight it. 360-Degree Reviews. And it helps you identify who may be willing to pay you to teach them how to do what you can do. If I have the ability to [Insert Component Skill], then I must also have the ability to [Insert Sub-Component Skill #1], [Insert Sub-Component Skill #2], and [Insert Sub-Component Skill #3]. It’s our “hidden” skills that create opportunities for a more fulfilling life and career. Academic qualifications are a demonstration of your abilities and there a asset that can help you when applying for jobs. But, there are other factors that are very influential and that need to be considered and one of the most important is your skills. An online course creator might want to learn how to teach, but isn’t going to hire you to teach for them. This helps you identify the skills you've learned. Identifying the skills a employer wants. Broadly speaking when it comes to skills development there is a four-stage model of competence that I’d like to look at for a moment: You don’t even know that you’re not good at this! Going back to our writer’s example, here’s what that might look like: It may be hard to believe, but you just identified 12 skills you’ve probably overlooked up to this point. If you’ve been following this series of blog posts then you’ll know that the major theme of the series is self-awareness. It helps you identify who may be interested in knowledge you have to share/teach which can inform content you create down the road to serve various purposes. Here are the steps to take to identify skills gaps in your business. If you’re able to write well, you probably have the following related skills: You’ve just gone from the one skill you know you have to discovering you actually have four distinct skills. For sure it means that our skills require a lot of consideration if we are to make well-informed career decisions. 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Why Servant Leadership is Important in a Remote Business, The 5 Key Skills of Continuous Business Process Improvement, Skills Required to Run a Remote Marketing Team, Tips to Help You Arrange Your First Charter Flight, How to Make Your Business More Sustainable, What Is Design Thinking and How Can You Use It to Benefit Your Projects, Why a Balance of Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem, and Empathy is Crucial for Leadership, Five Industry Leading Tech Software and Tools to Boost Your Leadership Skills, 10 Timeless Skills for Entrepreneurial Success, 10 Essential Tips for Remote Workers: Work from Home Made Simple, Managing a Remote Team: How to Stay Productive and Secure Online, The Skills and Steps Needed to Become an Entrepreneur. If you feel you’re competent or you perform the skill as well as most people, you have that skill. Find information on paying for your education, transferring credits and more! Provide the Right Kinds of Skills Training. Take a look, 7 Freelance Tips — Do What I Say, Not What I Do Edition, How to Price Your Services as a Freelancer, 10 Tips for Winning New Clients Through Cold Calling, 14 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Being A Freelancer, 6 Things Nobody Told Me About Freelance Writing, 12 Lessons From My First 12 Months of Self-Employment, A Beginner’s Guide to Making a Living as a Writer, You Are a Company: 3 Ways To Start Acting Like One. If you would like information and referrals about career options, contact Alberta Supports. In this article, we explore techniques like carrying out a skills gaps analysis, and establish some of the ways you can gauge your own current skills and knowledge levels, in order to find and fix the shortcomings that exist. Here’s how to conduct a skills gap analysis: Step 1: Plan Please enter your email address. It is all here in one easy-to-access location. It’s fine to list jobs/professions if you’d like, but the goal of the exercise is to separate what you’re able to do from the professions that may value those skills. Both represent excellent opportunities, depending on your ultimate goals. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted legislation and services. When it comes to work, we mostly just do what we do without thinking and there is little or no time for appreciating the skills we have and that we enjoy using. The number of these component skills may vary, but for the sake of this exercise just identify three of them. We’ll do this in two parts. 4. Having the right skills can go along way to helping you get the job you want. 3. Knowing what skills you have to offer and being able to back them up with achievements is what you need to write a winning CV, apply for any jobs, or discuss any of your … If I have the ability to [Insert Component Skill], then I must also have the ability to [Insert Sub-Component Skill #1], [Insert Sub-Component Skill #2], and [Insert Sub-Component Skill #3]. He has a vast wealth of experience in working with undergraduate and postgraduate students in relation to career development and employability issues. Here’s what a list might look like for our writer’s hidden skills: This is an alternate version of the exercise you just did. Skills and knowledge gaps are especially likely if you have had little in the way of formal education for your current role. First, brainstorm a list of people or companies who might want to learn how to do what you do. After all, industries constantly evolve, and new skills and knowledge are constantly needed. Discover valuable resources to help your clients, students, children and the people in your community as they plan and achieve their career goals in Alberta. This means when you identify a single existing skill you have as you did in step one, by definition you’ve also identified a series of related skills within it. This is a guest post for Skills You Need. These are qualities that most people could have, but which you could mention to show yours are better than others.

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