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This isn't an issue when you are beating up hordes of robotic beasts, but when you aren't fighting, Too Human slows to an insufferable crawl. Too Human is a sci-fi action adventure game from Silicon Knights that chronicles a futuristic conflict between cybernetic Norse gods. As the Cybernetic God Baldur, you get thrust into the midst of an ongoing battle that threatens the existence of mankind. What's worse - when you die an angelic Valkyrie appears from Valhalla to resurrect you. No cutscenes, just raw combat. We're a bit worried for the sequel, though.

More moans? Then Too Human might be for you.

Lots of reply for me as I enjoy this mix RPG/Action type of game. Too Human Review Written Tuesday, August 19, 2008 By Dan Webb (GT: Webb x360a) Too Human is one of those titles that people thought would never emerge or see the light of day. Mediocre reviews for a high-profile videogame? There's a real lack of enemy variety, and your best viable option quickly becomes "shoot the enemies until they get close, switch to melee and start popping them up in the air with your attacks, then jump up after them to finish the job with an air combo." Your main motivation though is the collection of loot.

What to say about Too Human, the first in a planned Xbox 360 exclusive dungeon crawler trilogy? A straight single-player run through the game took me around 12 hours and left me at level 29. Each area has enemies that do a different type of damage, allowing you to prep a different set of armor for each area, if you wish. I mean sure the game is a tad short but it is, Had this game for a while and all I can say is I cant believe this has such a low review score. Like most people I think it was a huge mistake to trim back from four players to two, but even with just one stranger Too Human comes close to what a lot of action RPG fans want: a decent next-generation Diablo clone for the Xbox 360. Eventually, your foes will pummel you with knockback attacks and various status effects, such as freezing you, slowing your movement to a crawl, or irradiating you. While it aspires to be a video-game Star Wars, Lord of the Rings or The Matrix, it’s more of a Chronicles of Riddick or – as I’ve heard it put – The Ridicules of Chronic. When the game throws in a sequence of ground-pounding, grenade-launching, irradiating foes, the flow is ruined and the Valkyries will soon be making their sluggish rounds. By genre we assume he means dungeon crawler, because it's nursery school stuff compared with other combo centric third-person action games on the 360, like Devil May Cry 4 and Ninja Gaiden II. Every time you die, you will be forced to watch a Valkyrie slowly descend, take Baldur into her arms, and lift him toward Valhalla.

Do you like loot? Very fun game. When that engine kicks into full gear, the slicing and dicing can be surprisingly enjoyable. Yet the real punishment is aimed at your convenience. Unlike other sites, we thoroughly test every product we review. The idea is to aim towards a new enemy just as Baldur strikes a killing blow, causing him to seamlessly slide from goblin to goblin and rack up combo bonuses. Or how about the fact that, while Baldur can’t die permanently, neither can he heal himself (unless you choose one specific character class). However the game makes up for most of these with fun addicting gameplay, much replayablity, and online. As a result, reviewers have descended on the game in the sort of feeding frenzy that we haven’t seen since Free Radical’s astonishingly ropey Haze. An ancient machine presence has forced the God’s hand. The sci-fi Norse theme permeates everything from armour styles to creature design to the huge scale architecture. So you won't be fighting alongside chattery humans and you won't see them wandering around the game's town area having random conversations, either. An ancient machine presence has forced the God’s hand. Too Human has a real lack of enemy variety, and the first three areas of the game pit you against what seems like two types of robots, a couple types of larger robots, and perhaps some robots that are colored a bit differently to denote a special ability. It's the first entry into a … Unless you are playing as a bioengineer, a class that has healing capabilities, you must rely on finding health drops from enemies or from breakable containers, given that there are no potions or similar items. Senior Contributor, Nevertheless, it works well some of the time, and Baldur will slip and slide around as you hold and tap the sticks, carving up lesser enemies without much effort. The action is sometimes fun, but you'll never get into a groove. But other than the offense-focused berserker class feeling a little fragile when playing alone and the bio engineer's latent automatic healing ability, you're looking at basic shades of offensive or defensive specialization. If you've ever spent hours raiding dungeons in World of Warcraft praying for epic drops, you'll know what we mean. And finally, the technical problems. Bar allowing you to transfer your Baldur over and raising the level cap, we're not sure what Silicon Knights can do to drastically improve the core gameplay. But Baldur, being the righteous so and so that he is, convinces his boss to see things his way, and so heads off into the frozen wastes with a few dozen human marines to take it to the machines.

No, it's not what we all hoped it could be, but does that mean it's horrible? To make this worse, there’s not a level I’ve played that hasn’t gone on way past its welcome.

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