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Moses was a prince. A. Examples: 1. There are four sentence errors that can produce fragments. stream 3080 A. %%EOF

endobj Moses was a prince.

There are four sentence errors that can produce fragments. endstream endobj startxref This particular type of A. %PDF-1.4 <>

A DEPENDENT CLAUSE is a sentence that can have a subject and a verb, but does not express a complete thought. h�bbd``b`: Jonah, fleeing on a ship after he disobeyed God, eventually getting swallowed by a huge fish.

endobj You will always have multiple options when fixing a fragment. B. 3. One of these sentences is a fragment . endstream endobj 178 0 obj <. These sentences are correct . Recognizing fragments. A fragment lacks either a subject, a predicate, or does not communicate a complete thought.

At first glance, a sentence fragment may look like a sentence because it begins with a capital letter and ends with a period. Definition: A sentence fragment is an incomplete sentence. lacks a predicate lacks a subject Example: The king and all his men.

One of these sentences is a fragment . �������ᏳO Fragments result when you punctuate certain word groups as if they are complete sentences. ���(�d��YJ��'��̆X߶8P�[\�k ���j�|_���8�L�[��"E�s� �zK���IOɓ��"]�g[7N���H4ǥ�V3�uZR�hK��� �1Rxb�}��E������E�i`PQ��V;��=+�~�zS�/����L��C�8�H�\g��;]��d�W-7L[k���H�M����F�_�V$��S6����܍Da�!����(��'����Hh��Q��s��Ә10t�� �������wq����&�J��Ξ�l35)8�0U�L)�D��%��1ez��p����(-,� -`��I���b�C$VR[��]5Y�7����4�We�ɡ�r����Ri�`C���K��6���%�:����y�+�I2z��IǴ�l#NJ��6���Qz�AƬNr6L���F��8J�m�I{s/�I�ޘ`��? lacks a subject Example: The king and all his men. This sentence is correct . B.

@�,�}D��l�ךlm)�UK^�$^��Z���X�*g�.lb����M�)Ry0`ූ"420�/bD���A��Й�,����e\�d��9�p{ͺБ�ؓ��甘��-�&����f=����Kqx�S�M*y'����^E�"ܿ�jX��H��op�ta^$�f�?i{��z��rv��v���T��������% Boy, am I tired! d?��n�C� LC1��w�Zt�Y��e�j�L��;�#�?0�� ��hT���F��Fz�\���q���$J1���r|q[E��� kM�22f֌A�bne��Ê�l�}�?���$?ix��2ĺVx�w�v|�;�F�F�m� A. 177 0 obj <> endobj <> stream �� $�V �YVL� %�4$�3ڽ0 �� I Here are some examples of sentence fragments: Example: Saw that it was time to leave. Definition: Sentence that expresses sudden and strong feelings, such as surprise, wonder, pity, sympathy, happiness, or gratitude are Exclamatory sentences. He sacrificed everything in order to save the Israelites. A. endstream Sometimes, however, it may contain only a verb.

��z�Y�M�c*�&�Sn{��'��q������v�9Xb��ҵ?� /gU۩ݛs �ͪ&W�q+)�͝Ō�+#b3��[{|�v�D�:(((�"�����r/�M��S��>7.m���F��nG/;=I=ɖ�QORk���ғ�9��[�T�&���x�`E37��M]�%e��Q ��OM�N.��X�s}�C����p,y��r��Ȝd3���tuS��f�l���f)��v�~�+�T����SD]��e`�;�������d�#�=S2��tKP��o{�m/Boz��N� ®$�����0�1v��4w��LRS*E��olB�C���D���[��VT������.�Xp��f�����!dp���w�G.c�{$_��P 0RE0�\�^�(��Ln]�+�����tN��ݥ�u�7�+���?���aJ5����m&��Yh�#�ǟv���9���ւ���0?�-�|y�e����h�y A fragment is an incomplete sentence punctuated as though a complete sentence. 218 0 obj <>stream 2. Here are some examples of sentence fragments: Example: Saw that it was time to leave. K���e��2�L_G���� Complete sentences A sentence must contain both a subject and a verb. x���r���]3����1!���u�Wř����; ��I�&@���~N�9KJ �L`�D3���b���{p�|]��tR��O/��u:�g����U�����v�]����"��x��8�C�^g�g�؋W/���3���/��,�k�����~���g/���.�p���g&���Hx�P,R����\��ج��،~��_��g��Ʈ~{ �����,Lb�߽d_�u].�T�)˺�������^3{"&B��-Y�T���|�����������W�?������8D��^F���g�F! �ܩ�gypG5��r�>g4H��ܚ���p+�K��}+��1������(l���9�N^dT��. 3 0 obj Types of sentences in English pdf God let Satan take everything. These sentences are correct . One of these sentences is a fragment . This sentence is correct . Sentence Fragments * An incomplete sentence is called a sentence fragment .

DIRECTIONS Determine which of the following word groups are sentence fragments and which are complete sentences. stream 7 . ��������C+���o!���(k�=(H��X�jM��nH��J`L���²V�e�؞�X�GK��ޛCi���k=��a�b:�=h �D9�..��e1m-��Ѩ�܊*�S�֏��A;�Sx�$���-���ٶw�3O��^�1w�x u�9"(N�M���:OK�%B(�I7��H�۽�����QLt{r��̣�r�o����y�h V#��Qr�|�f\��1��>��z�l捻�� �|8�Y��H{�ӝ4&!

Often we write them when we feel we have finished expressing a thought, and then decide to add to it - but add to it wrongly. Sentence Fragments. When you look more closely, you'll see that the group of words is missing one or more of the elements required to make it a sentence: a subject, a verb, and a grammatically complete thought. FRAGMENT TYPE 1: NO SUBJECT Usually, in order to express a thought completely, a sentence must contain a subject and a verb. 1 0 obj �����L-Yi�pq�����T��ʨ�L�Rye�\�z�v���glP�����t=�3�no�/KG�G� <>/ExtGState<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/Annots[ 11 0 R 14 0 R 22 0 R 23 0 R 24 0 R 31 0 R 32 0 R] /MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> h�b```�NV~�g`f`B��CL)��.000f��s1�,KGGsG�FLI�30�2�J�M��Ⱦ@a������10�-�S���ᔄ����.H3�2@� e4� Sentence Fragments * An incomplete sentence is called a sentence fragment . %���� 2. 5 0 obj

Sentence fragments Sentence fragments occur when phrases are punctuated as sentences even though they are not actually sentences. There are three types of errors which produce sentence fragments: 1) No subject

Most fragments are missing the subject, the verb, or both. B. If your parents think today’s fashions are weird. Fragments are sentences that are incomplete.

'�8�gC{FZ����IO�j��4�:�3Z= z)��� - It expresses a single … This particular type of "������^�^BT�/��K�5���šI��p�~>��'��P�0I�$O�S��+��2��8�;%F6�� ���=l��Րdn�ȖT#`���I�iS� �Ex���0D�о%p�G�X_R��U*dL��;��$�������i�������"!|�����o�)���r��o ���s(B�W6� 1��j�V��Sd����V��=X���eDݞfNy(���}�:6GV�����u���`�tRP��^�"����D�L��k�2���DKȷ#b~(���ʹ:�6]r�(��V������-VhCǒ� �I�ꦉx9���ۡ�gӌRef��|چD�&)�����>�q�n��v�oh�2�b�i��̊Q9=�?�R�O� 197 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<43846EA0075E794D8BC3D1F2075DADC3><982C58BA3F07A149A8032DCF1C691F20>]/Index[177 42]/Info 176 0 R/Length 95/Prev 45163/Root 178 0 R/Size 219/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream A sentence can be considered a fragment if: It begins with the words which, because, although, before, while, whether, whenever, unless, if, after, since, when, until, by, as long as, even though, whereas, AND is a DEPENDENT CLAUSE. If the group of words is a complete sentence, write S. If the group of words is a fragment, write F. _____ 1. The subject identifies who or what is performing an action and the verb identifies the action being performed.

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