veil of summer cedh

Collector Ouphe can be a replacement for Null Rod if you want that effect on a stick but, more importantly, I am now considering a small Green Sun's Zenith package that includes Ouphe, Vexing Shusher, Derevi and Edric. Yes, I know these tutors look scary. Your decklist is awesome, it utilizes a tutor general which makes it consistent, and I'm guessing it typically goes infinite on what...turn 4 usually? Finally, goodbye Horizon Canopy. Dovin's Veto is a fantastic new addition while Natural State has always been kind of medium. 55% of 655 decks +35% synergy. Counterspell has been cut mainly for mana-base considerations over a card like Delay (this may be wrong) while Negate has also been cut due to it being one of our weaker counterspells (this may also be wrong). Feeds | In some grindier games, you may find yourself in a position where you need to activate Najeela's ability a finite number of times to gain some life (yes, the ability gives trample, haste and lifelink to attacking creatures until the end of the turn). Simply put: we are much less reliant on Najeela these days and, as such, it is important to keep the ability to pivot between Najeela and Oracle gameplans in mind as a game develops. So, given all that, I tried it out. Plunge into Darkness is a modal Impulse that can either cantrip for a small life payment early on or dig super deep when the time is right. Given Derevi, Empyrial Tactician’s ETB trigger means that she often ends up only costing 2 mana, that she can be used to tap down opposing blockers, that she’s a creature herself, that she can even be used proactively to break parity on many stax pieces and the fact that she can untap any available mana source, it is my and many others’ opinion that she is Najeela’s strongest win-con piece. Basically, Ad Naus' dependence on Najeela being around made it about as effective as any tutor for a win-con. Literally just a better [[Autumns Veil]], I like it. In fact, this is the go-to win-con for an increasing number of competitive decks. It's bonkers. [[Veil of summer]] has been declared an outright mistake by a lot of people and is now kind of an auto-include. M20 didn't give us a whole lot in the way of playable cards for cEDH but Veil of Summer in particular is one I really want to test.

This does make the deck slightly weaker to Blood Moon but we still have the option of countering it on the way down or just beating our opponents down with it in play. Edit: after poking through the database it seems like control decks tend to want it while stax decks sometimes don't.

Null Rod and Stony Silence disrupt storm and Paradox-Scepter Thrasios decks. Previously I found Lab Man unnecessary (and may again come to the same conclusion with further testing) but given that Najeela has become far more established and understood since then, I think it's worth retrying some older ideas. Taking advantage of Najeela's ability to grant lifelink whenever it's reasonable to do so is more important than ever thanks to the inclusion of Ad Nauseam.

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