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The most highly anticipated surf flick since 1966's "The Endless Summer," "View" is the result of nearly three years of filming in some of the most beautiful and remote areas in the world -- Tahiti, Western Oz, Africa, Brazil and Hawaii. The other eight hours were filled with naps, laughter and a few low-yield fishing sessions. The last time this happened was in 1934 and the next time will be in 2048. "Of course I fell, right in front of John." This summer, pro surfer John Florence -- dubbed the next Kelly Slater since he was a grom -- wrapped up his new film, View From A Blue Moon, in … On Saturday, October 31, 2020—Halloween, in many countries—a Blue Moon shone bright in the night sky. For that, they use boats, often spending weeks chasing a swell. But neither hesitated, and after a couple of falls, the two put on a show, landing 360s, launching airs and treating those kids to an unforgettable afternoon. As the two surfers paddled back out into the lineup, they laughed and talked about their waves. Dates above are based on the local time in Montréal. "They were really supportive and told me it was going to be a special week," Toledo says. "John is the best surfer in the world, and not everyone gets to be a part of his film. Some parts of the United States, for instance, haven't seen a Halloween Blue Moon since 2001, while others haven't seen one since 1955! "I realized it was just me and him surfing these nice little fun waves with no one around," Toledo says. Topics: Astronomy, Moon, Calendar, Months, Blue Moons can vary by time zone. 1 prospect Azzi Fudd, Becky Hammon and the art of what's possible, Ravens OC: Lamar's D talk part of 'nothing new', Kentucky O-line coach Schlarman dies at age 45, McCaffrey not expected to play Sunday vs. Bucs, Hamilton prouder of equality push than seventh F1 title. ", This final trip to Angra dos Reis will provide the centerpiece for "View From a Blue Moon," born of a desire to show the beauty of a country poised at the center of the surf universe but known to most surfers only as a country of mediocre beach breaks.

Seasonal Blue Moons take place slightly less frequently than monthly Blue Moons—in the 1100 years between 1550 and 2650, there are 408 seasonal Blue Moons and 456 monthly Blue Moons. Hi All. The beach looked like a soccer stadium. In modern astronomy, the New Moon is when the Sun and Moon are aligned, with the Sun and Earth on opposite sides of the Moon. The Moon will, however, still look full and bright for them on October 31, 2020. Because of this, February, which has 28 days in a Common Year and 29 days in a Leap Year, can never have a monthly Blue Moon. This means that either type of Blue Moon occurs roughly every two or three years. But no spoiler alerts here -- our lips are sealed. Blue Moons that are blue are incredibly rare and have nothing to do with the calendar or the Moon's phases but are instead a result of atmospheric conditions. View from a Blue Moon.

For instance, the Blue Moon in October 2020 takes place at 14:49 UTC on October 31.

Denver, CO 80216. Some years, February has no Full Moon at all, which is called a Black Moon. October's first Full Moon, and this year's Harvest Moon, was on October 1, 2020. The New Moon also has important cultural and religious significance worldwide. "That was really special. Full Moons had given names in many ancient cultures. A blue moon means that a second full moon will rise in the same month. The Full Moon names we use today often reflect nature like Harvest Moon. In the same period, 21 years have Triple Blue Moons—one seasonal and two monthly Blue Moons in the same calendar year. To pass the time while Ballard and director Blake Kueny scouted locations on the first day of the trip, Florence and Toledo accepted an invitation to go wakesurfing with a local family.

At, you will find the dates and times of both seasonal and monthly Blue Moons in your time zone. The definition of a seasonal Blue Moon, the third Full Moon in an astronomical season with four Full Moons, can be traced back to the now-defunct Maine Farmer's Almanac.

If the Moon looks blue, it's because of dust in the atmosphere. While all of the surfing in "View From a Blue Moon" promises to impress, the final scene is worth the price of admission alone. He grew up a few sandy footsteps from Pipeline, the famed break on Oahu's North Shore, competed in the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing there at age 13 and has spent the decade since traveling the world to compete, chase barrels and progress the art of aerial surfing. This final trip, a weeklong excursion to Angra dos Reis, a small swathe of sandy beaches and lush islands tucked into the southwest corner of Rio, provides the centerpiece of the film, which premieres on Nov. 11.

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