western cape independence

How investigators FINALLY got enough evidence to…, Angry SAs speak: It’s off to jail with you,…, Biden accused of lying about arrests, SA, Mandela…, Denel: More dirty money deals exposed, with…, Zondo unpacks how Myeni, JZ worked together: Nene…, © 2020 BizNews, Inc. | The Rational Perspective. But that’s an argument, I guess, for the lawyers to fight rather than me. In 2016, veteran author RW Johnson wrote about the possibility of an independent Cape. Two parallel discussions are before parliament to address the same issue: the amendment of section 25 of the Constitution to allow for expropriation without compensation and the Expropriation Bill that seeks to repeal the Expropriation Act, One man’s quest for an independent Western Cape, A turnaround of inner-city decay in South Africa is crucial right now, Miss South Africa win has tribalism rearing its ugly head, China’s long, unfinished 20th century and its global implications, Welcome, dear reader, to the land of bullshit, King Khoebaha announced the secession of the Western Cape, Peacemaking criminology as ubuntu: A reply to Thuli Madonsela, Us paradoxical humans: Embrace it at a time of possible mass deception. Watch out, ANC government. No article on Western Cape independence should ever conclude with a legal argument. It really is a mainstream issue. So, what happens in the provincial election that comes along next year? As is almost always the case with Western Cape politics, the coloured vote will be decisive. But is that a beast that, once released, can ever be tamed? That’s before we start to look at economic policy and the disastrous economic policy that South Africa’s following, and clearly there would be an expectation that the Western Cape would follow more business- and investor-friendly policies and there would be a benefit from there. Even here, the poll had positive news for the independence campaign. In the rest of South Africa, three quarters favor a socialist model. But it appears as though a growing number of people in the Cape are not so sure anymore.

In the 2019 election, the Cape Party secured just 0.45% of the vote, but the Victory Research poll showed that in fact 35.8% of Western Cape voters wanted independence and 47% wanted a referendum. At a strategic level, it had no thought of independence. This was, to some, proof that secession had no traction. The ANC is seen to have been corrupt and inept, with scandals surrounding the misappropriation of international coronavirus relief funds.

We’re a political pressure group so we’re not looking for power ourselves.

© 2020 BizNews, Inc. | The Rational PerspectiveTerms & ConditionsComments Policy. Coloured voters made up the majority (56%) of independence supporters, but to obtain a democratic majority mandate for independence, support within coloured communities, currently at 39%, will need to increase significantly. The case for independence in the Western Cape is simple for many people: it’s about checking abuse from an overweening central authority — as well as increasing disquiet with the realities of ANC governance: corruption, racial polarization, economic decline, crippling unemployment, rampant crime and the collapse of government services.

I don’t know which one of those two situations we would end up with. Is it possible then that the DA would be punished for not listening to its own supporters on the presumption that your data that you’ve got from this opinion poll is accurate? 53% of DA voters would like independence outright and 64% of DA voters would like to see a referendum on independence.

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