why is research important in healthcare

Just like humans, mice treated with the healthy antibodies were able to give birth to their pups without any complications, whereas pregnant mice treated with the lupus antibodies had pups that did not survive or were smaller in size.

Pharmaceutical companies may fund a clinical trial directly or through organizations and foundations. Data and results from the animal models must show that a drug is promising in the treatment of a disease in order to gain approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for testing in humans. Women with lupus who become pregnant are at risk for a number of pregnancy complications including: miscarriage, premature delivery, fetal growth restriction, preeclampsia (characterized by high blood pressure and protein in the urine), and fetal/newborn death.

Each clinical study has a protocol, or a list of guidelines or a research plan.

Website: www.hss.edu/lupuscenter. It helps patients make better informed decisions and allows healthcare providers to improve their services.

Summary by Gwyneth Kirkbride, Social Work Intern, Lupus Programs, Department of Social Work Programs, Nadine Spring, MPH, CCRC

Both agencies have the authority to determine whether a sponsor or pharmaceutical company, is adequately protecting research participants. The patients’ medical treatment is not altered in any way. Through studying the mice, researchers found that the pregnant mice with lupus were experiencing inflammation in the placenta, so they worked to identify ways to block inflammation with specific drugs. What they found was that 80% of women whose lupus was quiescent (inactive or dormant) during their pregnancy were able to give birth without complications. This finding changed the way doctors counsel their female lupus patients regarding pregnancy.

Participants should share their involvement in the study with their health care providers and discuss whether it would be best for you to stay on your current medication versus joining a clinical trial with your physician. The risks may include: Each participant is asked to sign an informed consent form at the start of a study. Health care providers and philanthropic individuals may also fund clinical trials. 8845 North Military Trail The board will look at incoming data to evaluate whether a drug is producing overwhelming negative side effects which may prompt a discontinuation of the study. The FDA approves all phases of the clinical trials. Research can establish new drugs and products for the treatment of disease, change how the medical community approaches a disease, and much more. These include clinical research, nursing education research and health systems and outcomes research. Clinical trials are generally blinded, meaning the participant’s physician and the study team is unaware of the treatment that the participant is receiving. As we learned earlier, an observational study is one where the participants continue with their regular medical care with no intervention. What are my options if I am injured during the study. You should take into account that most trials involve some level of risk for the participant but this risk may not be greater than the risks related to routine medical care or disease progression. Refuge for the refugees: a military pharmacist on serving the Rohingya of Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, Specialization in pharmacy: looking to the future of practice, Symposium highlights patient-centred healthcare innovations, Apps a potential tool for reducing NCD prevalence. Health care research is often based on quantitative methods in which, by definition, information is quantifiable. Doctors do not know how to predict who will suffer these complications, why these complications occur, or how to prevent them. Observational studies are studies in which patients are observed and monitored while receiving routine medical care. Patients may be asked to fill out a questionnaire and give blood for use in animal models or to help researchers gain a better understanding of the progression of the disease.

Sometimes the participants themselves benefit from the study and sometimes the studies benefit patients down the line. This allows doctors to identify patients, very early on in their pregnancies, who are at particularly high risk for complications. Through quantitative research it is possible to collect statistical healthcare data in different demographic locations and compare healthcare systems. Which is too bad. For example, a study may say that if 30% of participants improve by a minimum of 60% then the drug will be considered effective. Global healthcare research is important as it can provide insight into issues such as population health management, patient mobility trends, healthcare delivery challenges, and care best practices, areas that impact the international patient experience. The healthcare industry – at its fundamental level – is about serving people and providing care. Each participant was seen every month of their pregnancy with a total of 233,925 blood samples collected from all of the participants. In addition, the Data Safety and Monitoring Boards (DSMB) examine un-blinded data, which means they are aware of which participants are receiving the drug under investigation and which are receiving the standard of care. These results also help researchers to take the next step in identifying and testing drugs that can be used to help prevent pregnancy complications. Clinical trials and your health Participants are encouraged to continue seeing their usual health care providers while enrolled in a clinical study. Your physician may be asked to fill out the Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Disease Activity Index (SLEDAI) to evaluate your current disease activity.

They did not want to administer drugs to women who did not need them. Are we over-propagandising genetic research? A clinical study uses research with human participants. With regard to the latter, global healthcare, also known as medical tourism, has seen a vertiginous rise over the past decade.

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