Misc. Thoughts on Colombia

 Misc thoughts and observations

Good news on the health front!  The seminary installed a water purifier. 

I’ve learned all by myself what to do when a toilet won’t flush:  (What was I to do, walk into Don’s class and ask him to dismiss himself and come and help?) First, lift the lid and and make sure there is water in the tank -no water- no flush. If no water, pull up on the chain that lifts the plug and allows water to fill the tank.  If no water comes into the tank, stand back, scratch your head and look beneath the tub for the valve going into the toilet. Turn it to the left. Even if it leaks, it will still fill the tank enough to be able to flush the toilet.  Clean up the water that leaked on the floor and go on as if nothing happened.  (I’m sure that everyone else in the seminary except me knew that you couldn’t/shouldn’t flush that toilet).

They are particular about laying a backpack or purse on the ground. Not sure if it’s a health or safety thing. Could be both. So if you put one on the ground, they will come by and pull up another chair to your table and place the item on the chair.

Most but not all people are masked when in public, and they are out and about.  None of the students are masked. 

When asking questions about our safety, the advice that was given was “don’t show your papayas,” that tasty, sweet fruit that grows large and showy on trees and is easy to pick.  In other words, be cautious.  Don’t be obvious.  

Food experiences:

Liver and onions, salmon soup, and teriyaki chicken for breakfast?  I’ve done them all. 

Still can’t figure out where the young Cachua women on the streets with their children go to the bathroom.  We have Christian working on that one. 


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