Nov. 10, 2021 — Mari & Michael

Mari is busy studying for a class she has, Michael is working in his study and Don is studying an interesting book.  Later we plan on going into the historic part of Bogota.  The pictures are of Michael and Mari’s house.  From the front to the back  is one block deep.  They own from the top to the bottom.  However, it contains 5 apartments; 3 studio and 2, 3 bedrooms.  Mari’s creative touch is evident throughout the house.  Notice the crate box chair in Michaels study, (the dark blue patch on the is wall is a color they are considering painting it), the table with fruit is actually two crescent shaped logs with a glass top and the pouf is actually a cloth and macrame covered tire.  She made the picture over the table and the heart in the frame. All of the entranceway touches are hers.  I love the log plant stand.  They even made the bookshelves and macrame mirror.  Note the light in the dining area and the spoons beside the stove.  The small desk area is her work station.  She has a design degree and likes working with natural fibers and materials.  Notice the laundry area.  She made the paper mache container the mirror, the bookshelves.  Later I will show you pictures of a purse she is making to sell and the outside of the house.  They are too large to send.  


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