Nov. 19, 2021 — Our Latest Challenge

Our latest challenge – fly to Mexico and just walk across the boarder or figure out where in this grand city of Barranquilla to get a rapid Covid test. The U.S. won’t let us fly back without one.  It has to be done, with results, 1-3 days prior to boarding the plane.  So first thing we asked, or rather tried to ask, Alex was where we might get the test.  Once sufficiently communicated, he gave us a blank look.  “I will have to think on that, he said.”  Not a good sign.  So that night we walked down to the trusty front desk and asked the same question.  The front desk clerk confidently replied  that he will look into it and get back to us.  Later in the morning we hear a knock on the door.  (Actually, it was a little bell).  When we answered it, we saw a lady holding a pamphlet, carrying a purse and a stuffed back pack.  She looked about my age, well dressed and talking a mile a minute.  I thought she was selling something.  About to tell her no thank you, I instead said “no Espanol.”  That’s when she whipped out her phone and began talking about her daughter (hija). Was she Venezuelan asking for money, I wondered?  Then she said the magic word “covid” and it all came together.  She was the Dr. come to give us the covid test!  This place is amazing!  She actually was the Dr. and via her daughter who she told us was married to an Italian and living in Italy but now divorced, we set up an appointment here at the hotel for tomorrow.  So I guess the trip to Mexico is off the table!  


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