Nov. 20, 2021 — A Gecko in Our Room

There’s a gecko in our room.  I saw her (that’s an even scarier thought) fall from the wall when we left yesterday morning.  No time to report it.  Didn’t think about it until we got home last night around 10:00.  That’s when I saw him/her drop from the tv stand on the wall to behind the dresser.  Don said he was too tired to do anything about it, that it was just an insurance salesman who couldn’t hurt us.  So we went to bed.  Haven’t seen him today.  There’s a nice wide gap under the door and the maid leaves the door open when she cleans, so I guess it is pointless.  

What I am afraid of is twisting my ankle on an uneven sidewalk or stepping into a manhole.  So I’m all eyes when out on the street.  That is, when I’m not using them to observe something that I haven’t seen before.  Yesterday it was the man trimming the bushes around a commercial building with a machete!  It is hot here, really hot, and sunny.  Their rainy season passed in October, greening everything up and now it’s just sun and heat.  You have to protect yourself, so they wear long sleeves and long pant, and now, with Covid, masks!  I really do not know how they do it!  

Masks are required in most buildings and most people wear them in the street.  They are required upon entering a restaurant but not once you sit down.  People don’t seem worried, but they are taking precautions.  


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