Nov. 20, 2021 — I’d like to bring the kids

Actually, I’m not too worried.  We only eat one meal a day, breakfast.  Not hungry (no kidding) for lunch, and we get picked up at 5:30 for class so there is no time for dinner.  Brought nuts and granola bars if we get hungry.

Saw an amazing wedding party last night.  The bride was like a fairy tale princess.  Her lace dress with fitted top and full skirt fit her perfectly.  She had wide, dainty lace shoulder straps that laid perfectly across her milky white arms. The top of the dress laid perfectly on her body, no gaps and not too tight.  It was cut around her breasts and 1/4 way down her bodice but was not revealing.  Very tasteful and beautiful.  She had long, dishwater blonde hair (a rarity around here) pulled back from her face and encased in a thin veil so that it did not spread out.  She then had another, heavier lace veil on top of that attached to her head by a simple, round, small flowered crown  accentuating her perfect complexion and round face. I wanted so to take her picture but thought it too rude.

Her husband was in the military and wore his full regalia, a crisp navy blue uniform with red, gold, and brass ornaments, matching cap, mirrored shoes and white gloves.  It was like they had practiced for this moment for years as his erect body escorted her down the hallway, arm bent and held high and she placed her hand over his. 

The photographers took full advantage of the old arched stairways with outspread bannisters to capture the moments of the introduction of this new family to the world.  It was beautiful. 

The attendees were dressed to the nines as well, especially the women.  My poor husband has seen more cleavage and breasts this trip than he has seen in our whole marriage!  It is everywhere!  I find myself saying “you’ve got to see this!”, then saying “no, don’t look.”  I don’t care how large or how small a woman is, it appears that it is her job to show off her chest.  And if she is large, that is a lot of showing off!  It is a lot of breast! I have to say that the styles and intended to make the most of a woman’s curves.  They are very flattering. And they are very creative, and even beautiful – for the bedroom.  Even in a business setting, the tops are plunging!  

We don’t see as much of this in Bogota where it is cooler, or even in Medellin, although it is everywhere.  

Speaking of breasts, I’m not quite sure how all this is interpreted here.  Because of the dress, it seems to me that they are thought of in sexual terms.  However, breastfeeding with sometimes no covering is not taboo.  When a large group of us went to dinner with Pastor Edison, one of the women breast fed her child at the table in front of all of us. That’s one I’ll have to ask about.  

The one thing that is universal is selfie’s.  I haven’t seen men doing it, but they are more than willing to patiently press the button unendingly for their date, wife, whoever as she poses ad nausea.  There is no embarrassment as she publicly primps and poses, primps more and reposes endlessly trying to get just the right shot.  We all know that it is not a Latin thing, it’s universal – and sad. 

So, I’ll get this off to you.  I wish I had a picture.  


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