Sermon: High Anxiety Calls for Greater Focus on the Most High

Pastor Don preached the following sermon at Community EPC on June 22, 2024.

Following the YouTube replay are the notes.

High Anxiety Calls for Greater Focus on the Most High

I. Introduction.
A. The presence of anxiety
1. Definition
2. Synonyms
3. Can lead to brooding
4. There are many causes.
B. Sources of anxiety grouped
1. The m____________
2. The m____________
C. Help that comes from the “Most High”
1. God rules over all things on Earth and all things in Heaven.
2. Biblical references – Num. 24:16; Ps. 7:17; Luke 1:30-32
3. Our attention will be focused upon Isaiah.
4. Notice the three headings.
a. The Great R__________________
b. The Great R__________________
c. The Great R__________________

II. The Great Revelation
A. Isaiah 6:1-2
1. Dating and background
2. Uzziah – II Chron. 26:4
a. Accomplishments
b. What might his death mean to the people. High Anxiety.
1. Herod and Jerusalem
2. 9/11
3. Isaiah sees God’s throne room.
a. Everything is extraordinary.
B. Isaiah 6:3-4
1. The antiphonal response
2. Smoke and shaking
C. Isaiah 6:5
1. The Great Revelation of God highlights the great need of Isaiah – Sin.
2. Pronounces judgment upon himself.

III. The Great Restoration
A. Isaiah 6:6-7
1. Lips cauterized
2. Isaiah’s greater anxiety shifts from the future to healing for personal sin.
3. Accomplished by God alone.
B. Isaiah 6:8
1. Calling by the divine council.

IV. The Great Reduction
A. Isaiah 6:9-10
1. Strange calling
2. No one will comprehend
B. Isaiah 6:11-12
1. Utter devastation is ordered but not annihilation.
C. Isaiah 6:13
1. Remnant kept
2. The people are reduced to a st_______
3. Trimming bushes around the house.
4. Prov. 25:4-5

V. Points for Refection
A. Isaiah’s vision of the Most High brought greater clarity during a time of high anxiety.
B. Reflecting upon God enables understanding of what ails our souls in view of our own struggle with sin.
1. Psalm 62:5-7
C. Being reduced to a stump is God’s way to teach that everything is about Him and not us.
1. Ps. 22:1-4; Isa. 53:1-3, 7, 10a; Heb. 5:8
D. The higher our anxiety, the more our focus must be upon the Most High.
1. Psalm 1:3
E. Finally, remember to look over your shoulder now and then.
F. Let’s end with a Puritan prayer.


Author: Debbie Lauro

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