Doctrines of Grace and Afterthoughts

In this sermon series, the doctrines (or teachings) of grace are examined in the Bible, and Dr. Galardi will show how these teachings apply to everyday life. We will learn why we need a savior and why grace is so amazing. Please note sermon .mp3’s are large and may take several minutes to download.


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Doctrines of Grace

Apr. 19, 2009 Radical Depravity – Part A docpdf
Apr. 26, 2009 Radical Depravity – Part B docpdf
May 10, 2009 Election – Part A docpdf
May 31, 2009 Election – Part B docpdf
June 7, 2009 Question & Answer Session #1 No Notes
June 15, 2009 Particular Redemption – Part A docpdf
June 21, 2009 Particular Redemption – Part B docpdf
June 28, 2009 Question & Answer Session #2 No Notes
July 5, 2009 Efficacious Grace – Part A docpdf
July 12, 2009 Efficacious Grace – Part B docpdf
July 19, 2009 Perseverance – Part A docpdf
July 26, 2009 Perseverance – Part B docpdf
Aug. 2, 2009 Question & Answer Session #3 No Notes


Afterthoughts on the Doctrines of Grace

Aug. 9, 2009 How Do I Know I am Saved? docpdf
Aug. 16, 2009 In View of the Doctrines of Grace, How Shall We then Present the Gospel? docpdf
Aug. 22, 2009 Absolutely Sovereign docpdf


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